It’s one thing for a self-driving car to navigate the sunny freeways around Phoenix. It’s another thing entirely to survive the streets of Manhattan or Detroit, much less in a snowstorm.

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Industry disruptor and electric automaker Tesla has shaken up the auto world with sleek, high-performance chariots like the Model S that can accelerate to 60 miles per hour in under three seconds. The Silicon Valley upstart’s influence is seen in everything from the 200-mile-range Chevy Bolt to the large console tablet of Volvo’s XC90.

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Driving can be fun, but it’s often routine. For every scenic trip, there are weeks of commuting. Meanwhile, mobile phones have become little entertainment centers designed to combat boredom. Popular music, independent films and social interactions are only a tap away. The road can’t compete with such engaging handheld distractions. This is a growing problem in need of a radical solution.

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