We have seen many futuristic self-driving cars on the silver screen. From the Lexus 2054, that was part of a computer-controlled mass transit system with self-cleaning and color changing features (in the Minority Report), to the self-driving Chevrolets (in “The 6th Day”); these cars are finally moving into the real world.

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Companies use a wide variety of telematics to get the most of their fleet vehicles. They use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to manage their customer relationships and sales activities. The most forward-looking of these companies are driving efficiencies, reducing costs and improving customer engagement by integrating their CRM and their telematics solutions. To start maximizing revenue and efficiency while minimizing total cost of ownership, follow these 6 steps to integrate telematics into your fleet.

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Did you know that field sales and service teams that use telematics combined with their CRM eliminate 80% of manual tasks, like tracking mileage? That’s only the beginning of the productivity and cost ROI you can realize by implementing integrated telematics for your fleet. Learn even more interesting facts about what’s next in telematics through this infographic.

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In 2018, there are many groundbreaking environmental trends in the automotive industry. The main trends involve car sharing and the electric car.

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Circling for parking creates an enormous amount of congestion. This could help: A new technology that lets passing cars equipped with parking sensors measure open spots and create a map for other drivers that shows where their car might fit.

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