Companies use a wide variety of telematics to get the most of their fleet vehicles. They use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to manage their customer relationships and sales activities. The most forward-looking of these companies are driving efficiencies, reducing costs and improving customer engagement by integrating their CRM and their telematics solutions. To start maximizing revenue and efficiency while minimizing total cost of ownership, follow these 6 steps to integrate telematics into your fleet.

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Did you know that field sales and service teams that use telematics combined with their CRM eliminate 80% of manual tasks, like tracking mileage? That’s only the beginning of the productivity and cost ROI you can realize by implementing integrated telematics for your fleet. Learn even more interesting facts about what’s next in telematics through this infographic.

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Have you ever thought about the weaknesses of ‘traditional telematics’? Typically, telematics benefits are discussed solely in terms of cost savings – overlooking many of the core benefits to be gained from the product.  While cost savings may be a wonderful benefit, if that’s your organization’s only goal, you may not be unlocking the full potential of telematics.

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Federal officials have taken another step to make the transition to mandatory electronic devices less painful. If drivers are cited at roadside for not complying with the ELD rule come the Dec. 18 deadline, the citation will be a “no points cite” that will not affect the Safety Measurement System that feeds into CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability) scores – through April 1.

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On Dec. 18, the industry will enter Phase Two of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) implementation of the new ELD rule. The rule itself was finalized in 2015, making the beginning of Phase One, which included a public awareness campaign focused on the need to meet the deadlines set forth by the mandate.
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