Are you ready to update your fleet policy to include self-driving cars?

I know what you're thinking, especially if you're a fleet manager in the United States. You're thinking, "No way! It's way too early to think about something like that."

But, technology is changing at a rapid pace, especially when it comes to mobility. And you should always be on the lookout for shifts in the industry that may impact your policy.

Don't worry, updating policies for self-driving cars isn't widely used yet. But it's good practice to stay current on matters that could affect your own policy.

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A long time veteran of the fleet industry tells the story of a time when he had to bring some bad news to his supervisor. He studied the problem and was prepared with his best take on a solution. Nonetheless, he was awfully nervous as he walked into the meeting.

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Everyone understands how planning relates to success, and this is certainly true for fleet managers. However, how much effort do fleets typically devote to planning? And, not just on specific projects, but a fleet's overall plan, objectives, and direction.

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the future of lease accountingThinking about planning your fleet goals for the year? While every fleet is different, the following eBook is a general roadmap outlining tasks throughout the year that will help you accomplish your goals. So, where to start? Download the eBook and find out.

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