LeasePlan has today launched a major new global campaign, highlighting its commitment to offering What's next in mobility and an 'Any car, Anytime, Anywhere' service to its customers.

Featuring Top Gear and The Grand Tour presenter Richard Hammond, the campaign also introduces a number of innovative leasing products and services specifically designed to cater for a rapidly changing mobility landscape, including the fast-emerging 'car-as-a-service' trend.

CEO Tex Gunning: "We are living through a mega change in which people are moving from owning their own cars to using cars-as-a-service. At the same time, we also see major changes in car technology as we move from the internal combustion engine to hybrids, fully electric and autonomous vehicles. In this fast-changing world, LeasePlan aims to be the company that knows and stands for What’s next. I'm therefore delighted to be launching with Richard Hammond our global What's next campaign, which underlines our commitment to delivering the very latest in mobility to our customers in a cost-effective, hassle-free and sustainable way. Ultimately, our ambitious goal is to provide a fully flexible 'Any car, Anytime, Anywhere' service. For us, this is the future of mobility."

The What's next campaign and brand, which will go live in all 32 countries today, has been developed over recent months as an integral part of LeasePlan's new company strategy to unlock sustainable growth opportunities in a dynamic mobility sector. The heart of the campaign is a 3-minute action film with Richard Hammond. Filmed in downtown Los Angeles, What's Next: The Movie highlights the latest mobility technologies and trends, as well as LeasePlan's key enabling role in bringing What's next in mobility to its customers. Tex Gunning: "LeasePlan has been delivering cars-as-a-service to our corporate customers for over 50 years. We are therefore fully equipped to lead the transition to 'Any car, Anytime, Anywhere' mobility."

LeasePlan USA is developing a number of innovative What's next products and services as part of the campaign in the U.S. Targeted at customers in the corporate segment, these new propositions include an end-to-end electric vehicle proposition for corporate customers based in Europe – the first product of its kind. The company's EV proposition builds on the announcement that it had become a founding partner of the EV100 initiative, a coalition of major corporate companies pledged to making the transition to fully electric fleets. Further What's next products and services will be announced over the coming months.


Watch the What's next Movie with Richard Hammond here

Check out the LeasePlan Newsroom here


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