Three key appointments highlight company's operational transformation.

Juan Perez, senior vice president of operations at LeasePlan USA, recently announced the appointments of Elizabeth Kelly, Gerri Patton and Wanda Mills to key positions that will support a life-of-the-vehicle approach within the company.

Kelly, previously a director of vehicle acquisition, has been named vice president of vehicle acquisition and remarketing. In this role, she will focus on vehicle acquisition with the end in mind, helping clients get the most out of resale from the ordering stages.

Patton has been named vice president of client activation and driver services. She will lead both teams to ensure a seamless customer service experience, keeping drivers in the forefront. She previously served as director of client activation.

Mills, most recently a director of registration services, will now serve as vice president of license and title services. In her new role, she will oversee title and renewal teams to maintain control and data consistency of drivers and vehicles under LeasePlan's care.

"Our priority as an operations team is to deliver the promise. The promotion of these three incredibly talented leaders will be a big part of that," said Perez.


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