LeasePlan USA announces today new programs dedicated to achieving zero road fatalities. The company, with a strong focus on safety, recently joined the Road to Zero Coalition, a coordinated, data-driven response to the increase in roadway fatalities managed by the National Safety Council.

The Coalition recently published a comprehensive report explicitly laying out strategies for ending all roadway deaths in the United States by 2050. With its membership, LeasePlan is committed to following the same framework as a part of the largest coalition collaboration to put forth a comprehensive plan addressing motor vehicle fatalities.

In addition to the Road to Zero Coalition, LeasePlan has announced the release of three new safety programs now available to clients. The programs, in collaboration with strategic partner eDriving, take a data-centric approach to creating customized safety programs for fleets through robust scoring mechanisms and benchmarking. These programs also enable fleet managers to not just identify drivers in most need of training, but also gives the support necessary to achieve the expected standards for safe driving.

"Driver safety impacts each of us on the road, whether driving for personal or business trips. Here at LeasePlan, we recognize the importance of roadway safety and the impact it has. We are committed to leading the effort to zero-road fatalities," said Felipe Smolka, executive vice president of transformation at LeasePlan USA. "By leveraging data and empowering insights, we can proactively identify and mitigate risks before they even happen and work toward safer roads in line with our commitment to The Road to Zero Coalition. We look forward to sharing key Safety data insights with our clients, through our new safety solutions, to help them on their own journey to reduced incidents."

"We demand 100 percent safe operations in aviation, marine, pipeline, rail and transit, we should cultivate a corresponding societal demand for safe roads," said Deborah A.P. Hersman, president and CEO of the National Safety Council. "With these three guidelines, everyone can do something to reduce fatalities on the roadway. Getting to zero fatalities is not impossible – it just hasn't been done yet."

With the announcement of their membership in the Road to Zero Coalition and new safety program offerings, LeasePlan takes a proactive stance on reducing driver road risk. With an ultimate goal of eliminating all road fatalities, the fleet management company makes clear its continued commitment to driver safety.


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