Clients of LeasePlan USA will be able to take control of their fleet's mileage reimbursement costs through a new partnership with MileIQ, a Microsoft-owned company. Under the service agreement, LeasePlan clients will be able to leverage a new solution for employees who drive their personal vehicles for business purposes.

Through the MileIQ app, drivers will be able to quickly and easily:

  • auto-detect when a trip starts and ends using the phone's GPS and accelerometer.
  • categorize trips as personal, business or passenger.
  • classify the purpose (airport, meet client, vacation, etc.) of their trip.
  • combine trips into one or more trips per day.
  • modify or delete a trip.
  • record parking and toll fees per trip.

The MileIQ app is used by more than 4 million customers nationwide that have logged 32 billion-plus miles to date. In turn, users saved more than 60 million hours of work manually logging miles.

"This strategic partnership with MileIQ is just another way LeasePlan is leading fleets into the digital age. Not only will this partnership enable companies to more efficiently capture mileage, but it will also help control costs and the administrative burden associated with typical reimbursement programs," said Ricardo Fonzaghi, chief commercial officer at LeasePlan USA.

"MileIQ is excited to partner with LeasePlan and enable their drivers to automatically capture and submit their business drives to LeasePlan, creating an optimal driver experience and offering greater insight into a company's mobility costs," said Nat Robinson, general manager of MileIQ.



About LeasePlan

LeasePlan is one of the world's leading fleet management and driver mobility companies, with 1.7 million vehicles under management in over 30 countries. Our core business involves managing the entire vehicle life-cycle for our clients, taking care of everything from purchasing and maintenance to car re-marketing. With more than 50 years' experience, we are a trusted partner for our corporate and mobility service clients. Our mission is to provide what's next in mobility via an 'Any car, Anytime, Anywhere' service – so you can focus on what’s next for you. Find out more at


About MileIQ.

MileIQ provides automatic mileage tracking for deductions and expenses. Whether you’re a self-employed worker looking for a mileage deduction or a large company that wants to get a handle on mileage expenses reports, MileIQ is automatic, easy and accurate. MileIQ is mileage tracking the way you need it to work. MileIQ is a Microsoft-owned company.


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