LeasePlan USA, a leader in fleet management and driver mobility, has partnered with eDriving®, the largest provider of online driver training and global driver risk management, to offer what's next in safety solutions

LeasePlan USA and eDriving are pleased to announce a partnership that will offer fleets a more holistic, integrated and data-driven approach to managing driver safety.

"Almost all collisions are avoidable if you understand the root causes and proactively manage these underlying reasons. It's increasingly crucial that fleet and safety managers leverage cutting-edge technologies to identify high-risk drivers and take the steps to prevent crashes. That is why we are so excited about our new partnership with eDriving." said LeasePlan USA President and CEO Jeff Schlesinger.

With the partnership, companies will be able to securely track fleet driver behavior through smartphone sensors, robust scoring mechanisms and benchmarking. Driver assessments, consultation, training and closed-loop driver coaching also work to create a crash-free culture within the partnership clients.

"94 percent of all collisions are caused by attitudes and behaviors – this is a completely solvable problem," said Celia Stokes, CEO of eDriving. "Through this partnership, LeasePlan is demonstrating a shared passion for and commitment to solving that problem. Together we will enable powerful, integrated driver safety and risk management solutions to help LeasePlan clients get their drivers home safely and responsibly while reducing collision related costs."

"Taking a proactive approach to driver safety is getting more critical as distractions behind the wheel increase, road fatalities rise, and juries continue to award nuclear verdicts in crash-related cases. Our programs target the driver attitudes and behaviors that most frequently lead to crashes, and the result is dramatically reduced crash frequency and severity," she added.

Together, LeasePlan and eDriving will offer an end-to-end, best-practice solution set that provides turn-key options configurable to each company's needs. From license monitoring through assessment and prescribed training, the focus is on establishing a constant 360-degree view of driver risk to identify the highest-risk drivers and act before a likely collision event occurs.

"This partnership lays the foundation for fleets to make better decisions when it comes to managing driver risk and costs," said Schlesinger. "There is power in knowledge, and our consultative approach, combined with interactive dashboards, give clients a full picture of what's causing crashes."

Driver risk management products resulting from this partnership will be announced later this year…


About eDriving

eDriving is the largest provider of online driver training and global driver risk management serving more than 12 million drivers to date over 20 years. eDriving provides the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of patented and award-winning driver risk reduction programs, validated by large-scale research studies, and refined over 20+ years of experience with some of the world's largest corporations, including Nestlé, Johnson & Johnson, Mondelez, BT, Merck, Pfizer and more. For more, visit


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