Jeff Schlesinger is President and CEO of LeasePlan USA. His views on the U.S. corporate fleet market therefore come from a position of strength and knowledge.

What are the major trends in the USA fleet market, in general and for LeasePlan?
“The U.S. market has historically been dominated by petrol, by contrast with Europe where diesel has always played a dominant role. The philosophy of U.S. corporate fleet managers and company CEOs is to look not only at the future of fleet management but also at the next generation, in other words what we leave to our children. As a result, there is an evolving market change from petrol to alternative powertrains. It is a two-stage process, first from petrol to hybrids. In fact, these are becoming known as PHEVs (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles) and the word 'hybrid' is dropping out of the vocabulary, preparing people for the eventual second stage, the transition to full-electric vehicles, or EVs. As the market moves from fossil fuels to these new powertrains, LeasePlan intends to be a leader in this transition, in partnership with fleet managers and OEMs. We have joined the EV100 initiative and we are 'walking the talk' by changing our own internal fleet to PHEVs and EVs by 2021. Doing this means we can advise our customers and partners about the transition from a position of experience.”


Read the full interview on Global Fleet.


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