Amsterdam, 6 May 2019 – LeasePlan, one of the world's leading Car-as-a-Service ("CaaS") companies, has launched a new app that allows private lease customers to share their cars with friends and family

The pilot app – called 'Tess' – allows selected friends and relatives of LeasePlan's private lease customers in the Netherlands to book the vehicle, track its parking location and take care of all relevant administration, such as rental payments and fuel costs.

By working within drivers' own trusted friends and family networks, 'Tess' is designed to overcome consumers' reluctance to share their cars – a key factor holding back the development of many car sharing platforms.

Michel Alsemgeest, Chief Digital Officer LeasePlan, says:

“People increasingly want flexible subscription services to fulfil their mobility needs, and the introduction of ‘Tess’ fits perfectly with this trend. 'Tess' enables car sharing solely with your friends and family, so the trust issues that stopped many people from sharing their cars just aren't there anymore. In addition, because 'Tess' allows you to easily split the costs with everyone who has driven the car, you can get it making money for you even while you're not driving it – which makes private leasing an even more affordable option. With our customers' feedback, we aim to work on the further rollout of 'Tess' and other digital car subscription services."

Lease costs can be split evenly over all participants or can be calculated based on an hourly rate for the usage per person. When appropriate, the lease car owner can request payment, including fuel costs, using the popular repayment app 'Tikkie'.

'Tess' is integrated with Google Maps and uses a tracking beacon to make the car locatable when parked. In addition, 'Tess' uses the latest voice recognition technology to allow users to reserve the car or get access to other important information, such as its location or current mileage. Drivers can talk to ‘Tess’ via Google Assistant on their mobile phone or smartwatch, or through Google Home.

For more information, click here.


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