When asked whether it’s better to be passive or aggressive behind the wheel, 74% of women and 69% of men or a total of 71% of U.S. drivers believe passive driving is safest, according to a recent survey by Quoted.

While often stereotyped as more aggressive drivers, men made up the majority of the vote for “passive” driving (56%) versus 44% for women. The survey explores what qualities Americans believe make for a “good driver.” The findings indicate that, ultimately, good driving is all about being safe on the road.

Age also played a role in views on passive versus aggressive driving. Not surprisingly, seniors prefer passive driving with 86% of drivers aged 65 or older claiming passive driving makes for a good driver.

The 55-to-64 age group also voted overwhelmingly (77%) for passive driving. Interestingly, the majority of drivers (68%) in the youngest age group (18 to 24) also favored passive driving.

Only the 45-to-54 age group of middle-aged drivers were the least likely (64%) to prefer passive driving, and the most likely to favor aggressive driving.

Geography also has an influence on driving behavior, according to the survey findings. For example, drivers in the Midwest are most likely to be drawn to passive driving behavior with 73% of individuals in the region voting for passive driving.

When it comes to aggressive driving, Southerners lead the way. Some 33% of Southern drivers opted for aggressive driving as the best way to approach the road. Northeastern drivers ranked second with 28% favoring aggressive driving, while just 27% of both Western and Midwestern drivers opted for an aggressive approach to driving.

Based on the survey results, the majority of U.S. drivers think passive driving is safest, with some small variations in opinion between regions, genders, and ages. Moreover, most American drivers said experience is the most important trait involved in good driving habits, an opinion that held true across state lines.


Source: Automotive Fleet


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