Have you been affected by Hurricane Harvey? Check out the driving resources below to help you get through this difficult time.

For emergencies or assistance with your fleet vehicle, contact LeasePlan at 800-323-6644.

  • How to find fuel – LeasePlan is working with our fuel partners, WEX and Voyager, to monitor station activity in the Gulf Coast. This report from WEX and this report from Voyager will show you stations that are able to provide fuel to your drivers. We will continue to update both files as new data becomes available.
  • Maintenance facility availability– Bridgestone has supplied this list to help you find a facility that is open. For Goodyear location availability, please call 1-855-786-7647.
  • Rental vehicle availability – If you need a rental vehicle, please follow the normal process and call us at 800-323-6644. Here is some information on the availability through Enterprise.
  • Driving in flooded areas – The National Weather Service (NWS) advises not to drive in flooded roadways. Here’s more information on flood safety from NWS.
  • Flooded vehicles – If your vehicles has been flooded, DO NOT attempt to start it. Here are some more tips on dealing with a flooded vehicle.
  • General road emergency information – The Texas Department of Transportation has released traffic and emergency information, and the Louisiana Department of Transportation has travel information for motorists affected by the hurricane.
  • Locating vehicles – If you are enrolled in our Telematics services, and have vehicles in the affected areas, we can assist with vehicle location information or troubleshooting non-responsive vehicles. For assistance, please contact our partner at support@et-envue.com.
  • Registration renewal suspended – Texas residents in counties impacted by Hurricane Harvey will not have to worry about vehicle titling and registration requirements for the next 45 days. Governor Greg Abbott suspended certain statutes related to the enforcement of title and registration laws in the 58 counties included in the state's disaster declaration. Read more here.

LeasePlan would like to remind you and your drivers that we are open 24 hours per day to assist with your company's fleet needs. In the event of an emergency, please call us at 800-323-6644.


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