Automobiles have caused problems for society, safety, and the environment, but solutions are available today to combat these issues without compromising mobility, Lukas Neckermann, managing director of Neckermann Strategic Advisors, told NAFA I&E attendees on Wednesday.

Neckermann identified the problems caused by the rise of vehicle use: Congestion causes lost hours while drivers sit in traffic, vehicle-related deaths have not decreased sufficiently, and climate change has resulted in an increase in the number of severe weather events.

He also identified solutions to the problems, which fleets can implement. Fleets can invest in electric vehicles, which he argues does have a return on investment, and OEMs will be releasing 200 new plug-in vehicles in the next 36 months. Neckermann suggested adding advanced technology to all new vehicles, including blind spot detection and forward collision warning, as these technologies have been proven to reduce crashes. Finally, he said that ride-hailing, carpooling, and other mobility solutions can replace part of fleets.

By reducing the number of vehicles, investing in electric vehicles, and purchasing vehicles with advanced safety technology, fleet managers can improve mobility while reducing the negative effects of modern transportation systems.

Source: Automotive Fleet


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