Keeping fleet vehicles safe requires drivers to pay closer attention to the tread wear pattern on the company vehicle. Proper tire tread helps maintain traction, channels water away which helps avoid hydroplaning, and keeps you moving and stopping safely.

Every driver should know how to do the penny test. If you can see all of Lincoln’s head, which is usually about 1/16 inch of treat, it’s time for new tires.

Drivers should also know how to keep their tires properly inflated. The right inflation evens out tread wear and also maximizes fuel economy.

Encourage your drivers to check their tire pressure at least every month or more frequently if possible, especially as the temperatures change. Tires should always be filled to the psi rating listed inside the driver side door.

Here’s another important tire tip: Always makes sure the spare is properly inflated.

Finally, remind drivers that they should have their tires checked whenever they hit a pothole, or if the tire warning light comes on, or when they feel increased vibration.

For more details, has released a tire maintenance video with five tips.


Source: Automotive Fleet


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