A couple of months ago, we wrapped a truck with our logo. There are countless reasons to do this, but my colleague, Mark Willard, and I wrapped this truck (his company vehicle) to drive from Atlanta to Louisville for NAFA I&E 2019 displaying it outside the beautiful Kentucky Derby Museum during a dinner we hosted.

NAFA I&E was from April 15-17, and because of the 430-mile trip and following our company's speeding standards (allegedly), we drove up a few days prior. During the drive and throughout the week one major thing I noticed was the number of people who took note of the wrapped truck.

It's commonly mentioned that you (or your business) have only seven seconds to make an impression.

Count to seven: one one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand, four one-thousand, five one-thousand, six one-thousand, seven one-thousand. That's all the time you have to grab someone's attention. Elevator pitches take longer than that – and you must get through the door in the first place.

Outside of the fleet and automotive industry, most people have never heard of LeasePlan – I know I hadn't. While driving, the truck turned heads. People looked at the truck, then immediately started typing on their phones. We gained impressions that we never would have otherwise, simply by overlaying our logo on a truck.

During our trip to Louisville, we parked on the street in downtown Chattanooga for lunch, and the truck was in view while we ate, seeing many people stop to take a second glance. Our intention was never to create leads or awareness with the wrap, only to add some flare and flashiness for an event. However, it amazed me that a simple wrap could do so much.

Since the trip, I started doing a bit of cursory research. I won't overload you with statistics (there are so many out there), but one major thing stood out: the cost per thousand impressions was drastically lower from a wrap than any other source. It makes sense – typically a fleet vehicle spends most of its time driving. With a wrap, the vehicle is essentially a moving billboard and your business receives impressions while your drivers go about their daily business, even when it's not moving. Because of immediate data access, people can do their own research immediately and understand whether the company is a good fit for their needs. With contact info available, access is just a fingertip away.

One other thing that became apparent to me ­whenever I drove the truck, I had to be significantly more aware of my own behavior. All driving behavior I exhibited would be a direct reflection of LeasePlan. The whole experience of driving the wrapped car was eye opening for me. I also thought it was going to be more expensive than it turned out to be, so if the goal is to generate leads, the ROI is self-evident.

I'll finish off by saying that Mark is still driving the truck wrapped, and his driving behavior has never been better! The truck still turns heads driven or parked, and is a conversation starter frequently as we grab lunch. I've stopped counting how many times people have asked us, "What's LeasePlan? What do you do?".


About the author

Frank Zhang serves as a product manager for LeasePlan USA. In this role, he focuses on delivering a superb user experience with intuitive, customer-centric and data-driven solutions. Frank has focused his career in the fleet and software industries, always focused on bringing value through client success. He served in the U. S. Army for six years and earned a bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of Georgia.


  1. Vincent Ricciardi

    Great Post Frank !!

    Glad you didn't bring the Indiana Trooper Therory into play.

    Regards, Vin

    1. You know, I don’t think that LeasePlan would want me to tell that story…

      Glad you liked it! You looking to put a giant LeasePlan logo on your car? We know people…

  2. Paul Kirby

    a great story of your journey and experience with the wrap. In the UK it is stated that 24,000 people will see a single wrapped van each and every day that it is out an about doing it’s job! A great way to advertise a business!

    Thanks for sharing your story


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