North Las Vegas, Nevada ranked as the worst city in the nation for speeding with 53.9% of all traffic fatalities involving speeding, according to a study by Compare Auto Insurance.

While North Las Vegas experienced a total of 76 traffic fatalities in the 5-year period covered by the study — 2013-2017 — 41 of those deaths were due to speeding.

Irving, Texas came in second on the list with 52.2% of all traffic fatalities — 48 — linked to motorists’ speeding.

Other places that ranked among the top five as worst cities for speeding include Cleveland, Ohio with 94 speeding-related fatalities, which translates into 51.9% of all traffic fatalities. Fontana, California ranked in fourth place with 36 speeding-related deaths (50.7%) followed by Plano, Texas with 31 lost lives (49.2%) linked to speeding.

Another noteworthy finding is that speeding tends to account for a higher percentage of traffic fatalities in cities in the Southeast and Midwest. The study also showed that four of the worst 15 cities for speeding — Fontana, Fresno, Chula Vista and Stockton — are located in California.

The study was based on an evaluation of fatality statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System for the period 2013-2017.

Source: Automotive Fleet


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