LeasePlan USA announced a collaborative new relationship with global IoT and connected transportation leader, Geotab. As part of the Geotab telematics solutions ecosystem, LeasePlan is deepening its IoT, telematics and insights offering as the company continues its commitment to leading fleets on the journey into the digital age.

Leveraging Geotab's IoT telematics technology, LeasePlan customers can gain access to insights that will help fleet managers monitor vehicle performance and driver behavior. These insights will aid fleet managers in addressing common problems plaguing their fleets. With improved knowledge of driver behavior and vehicle diagnostics, fleet managers can take decisive action to help create value and reduce risk, keeping their fleets efficient and effective.

"Here at LeasePlan, we're passionate about providing data-driven solutions to help fleet managers answer the challenges they face each and every day," said Frank Zhang, product manager, connected vehicle technology at LeasePlan. "Through working with Geotab, we're able to give even more actionable insights to fleet managers, and their stakeholders, in order to help them find efficiencies and improve fleet performance."

"The future of fleet management is centered around the technology and data that will help businesses transform the current makeup of their fleets, particularly when it comes to the uptake of electric vehicles" added Rob Minton, Associate Vice President, Fleet Management partnerships at Geotab. "Geotab is excited to align with channel partners, like LeasePlan, who have a strong focus on not only electric vehicles but also providing customers with the tools needed to improve their fleets productivity, safety and efficiency today, and into the future."

LeasePlan's partnering with Geotab is yet another strategic step in providing insightful data benefitting fleet clients. The company has taken a data-centric approach to optimizing fleets with a strong focus on technology, as is demonstrated though this most recent affiliation.

"Connected vehicles is the advance we need to build a 360-view for the fleet" said Felipe Smolka, executive vice president, transformation at LeasePlan USA. "We're proud to be working closely with Geotab to help to take fleet management to the next level."



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