LeasePlan USA announced today a partnership with AutoAp, Inc., the leading automotive safety recall software company, to offer recall management solutions to fleets.

A recent study – “The Auto Industry’s Growing Recall Problem – and How to Fix It,” shows that OEMs and parts suppliers spent nearly $11.8 billion in claims and recorded $10.3 billion in warranty accruals for the U.S. recalls in 2016 alone. That $22.1 billion total is an estimated 26 percent increase over the previous year. Recall activity from OEMs over the past several years has also followed this trend.

"Driver Safety is a key focus of LeasePlan, and this program supports that focus wholeheartedly," said Felipe Smolka, executive vice president of transformation at LeasePlan USA. "Knowledge is power and having the most accurate and timely safety recall data in the industry to provide that knowledge is the first step. Together with AutoAp, we're addressing a serious gap in vehicle and driver safety with this program."

Through the partnership, clients of LeasePlan USA will be able to more efficiently manage vehicles' safety recalls. With access to accurate and up-to-date information on the recall status of their fleets, clients will be able to take corrective and preventive actions for vehicle repairs while minimizing risk and improve the overall safety of drivers.

"AutoAp is a great partner choice. We have much greater confidence in the accuracy and timeliness of their recall information than others in the space. They utilize multiple sources and cross-reference their findings, with advanced processing to seek out and correct VIN-specific safety recall errors," said John Ciarlone, director of product development at LeasePlan USA.

"We are honored that the industry's leading fleet management company selected us to provide safety recall verification and notification services to support their clients. The match in culture – providing the highest-quality information to clients – will help LeasePlan continue their leadership in this area," said Mark Paul, president and CEO of AutoAp, Inc.



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