Drivers failing to maintain their lane were responsible for 55% of fatalities on Georgia roads in 2018 and experts believe distracted driving is the culprit, reports The Summerville News.

To keep motorists focused on the road, the state is taking several steps.

On many of the state roads managed by the Georgia Department of Transportation District Six rumble strips are being installed, notes the report. The strips are installed on both the center and shoulder lines to alert drivers and keep them from leaving their lane. It’s all in an attempt to combat distracted driving, prevent crashes and save lives.

In addition, lawmakers are considering stiffer penalties for distracted driving.

Georgia implemented a hands-free law in 2018, which bans drivers from handling their phones or other electronic devices while behind the wheel. However, motorists continue to violate it.

House Bill 113 aims to up the fines, reports the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Currently, the fine for a fist-time offense is $50. If the new measure is enacted a first offense could cost as much as $100. Fines for a second offense would range from $100 to $200, and third offenses would cost $150 to $300. 

More than 1,500 people lost their lives on Georgia roadways in 2017 alone. That tally is approximately one-third more than in 2014.

Source: Automotive Fleet


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