As you prepare to order your fleet vehicles, it's a good time to review actions that you and your drivers can take to help increase the resale value of your vehicles. To increase the likelihood of receiving the highest return, here are some suggested tips.

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As time passes, things change and people think differently. Making sure you understand the way your drivers think is helpful to creating an effective safety policy. Consider these five tips when crafting your fleet safety policy for a fleet of drivers that spans the generations.

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leasing vs. reimbursementAnalyzing a leasing versus reimbursement fleet management strategy is pivotal when considering the best decision for both the driver and the company. The following guidebook walks through fleet leasing and reimbursement, and how these two strategies result in drastically different ways a fleet is managed.

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It's important to work with your organization to effectively evaluate how each lease type could affect your fleet and the rest of your business. Our leasing experts can help you understand the unique benefits of each lease product. Use this comparison sheet to help you to determine which option is right for your company.

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5_Tips_Implementing_Global_Fleet_ProgramIf your fleet operates in multiple countries, consider rolling out a consolidated global fleet program to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). A global fleet program can help you streamline processes, leverage purchasing power, reduce administration costs, implement standard procedures and identify global metrics for reporting purposes. LeasePlan's fleet experts recommend these five tips to help you implement an effective global fleet program.

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