Drivers: As you prepare for your new company vehicle delivery, here is a list of things you should do prior to turning in your current vehicle. It will help maximize your vehicle's resale value and prevent any headaches for you down the road.

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global fleet trendsWith the recent changes in the economic environment, many fleets are re-evaluating their vehicle financing options, specifically interest rates. There are two interest rate options ­­ fixed and floating. But which one is right for your fleet? Read more about the differences between each option.

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global fleet trendsWhen you have a fleet, the safety of your drivers is an integral part of it. But do you really know what’s at stake if your drivers are unsafe when they get behind the wheel? Read more about these astounding fleet vehicle accident statistics.

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global fleet trendsPersonal use is considered any use of a company-provided vehicle for non-business purposes, including but not limited to commuting, personal errands, vacations and more. While the vehicle is being driven, it incurs excess wear and tear above and beyond that which would be accrued if the usage had been limited to business purposes only. But a personal use charge for drivers is not right for every fleet. Find out if it’s right for your fleet by downloading the white paper.

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global fleet trendsOver the next few years, dramatic innovations and disruptors will make a huge impact on the way global fleet management companies do business. Below are key trends you should be aware of, along with ways you can prepare and align your company's initiatives with any changes.

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