With all the buzz around electric vehicles (EVs), it's difficult to wade through all the information. So, where do you start to do your research? With our new eBook on EVs, of course! From the definition of an EV, to current and future supply, to "fuel efficiency" and zero emissions, to charging types and infrastructure, this eBook has it all. Start learning about EVs now by downloading the eBook.

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With an increased focus on distracted driving, states are cracking down on enforcement of this dangerous activity. Distracted driving is not limited to only cell phone usage; it can include talking with passengers instead of keeping your eyes on the road, eating while driving, looking for the right radio station and any other activity that takes your focus off the road.

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Distracted driving is on the rise and states are taking action. If you’re a Georgia fleet driver, the new hands free driving law goes into effect July 1, 2018. We’ve broken down the must-knows of the law for you.

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You have no control over the price at the pump. But what you can control is how you drive and maintain your vehicle to increase fuel efficiency. Here are fuel saving tips from www.fueleconomy.gov to implement and start saving fuel today.

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When it comes to fuel, you have no control over the price at the pump, or how that will impact your fleet budget. But, your drivers can help reduce the chance of fraud by taking the appropriate measures. Here are a few best practices, courtesy of WEX Fraud Services and LeasePlan, to get started.

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