With the advances in automotive engineering, motor oils are becoming more efficient in the way they protect every moving part of your vehicle’s engine. But do you know the differences between them? Download the tip sheet below for more details.

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Companies use a wide variety of telematics to get the most of their fleet vehicles. They use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to manage their customer relationships and sales activities. The most forward-looking of these companies are driving efficiencies, reducing costs and improving customer engagement by integrating their CRM and their telematics solutions. To start maximizing revenue and efficiency while minimizing total cost of ownership, follow these 6 steps to integrate telematics into your fleet.

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Did you know that field sales and service teams that use telematics combined with their CRM eliminate 80% of manual tasks, like tracking mileage? That’s only the beginning of the productivity and cost ROI you can realize by implementing integrated telematics for your fleet. Learn even more interesting facts about what’s next in telematics through this infographic.

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With all the buzz around electric vehicles (EVs), it’s difficult to wade through all the information. So, where do you start to do your research? With our new eBook on EVs, of course! From the definition of an EV, to current and future supply, to “fuel efficiency” and zero emissions, to charging types and infrastructure, this eBook has it all. Start learning about EVs now by downloading the eBook.

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With an increased focus on distracted driving, states are cracking down on enforcement of this dangerous activity. Distracted driving is not limited to only cell phone usage; it can include talking with passengers instead of keeping your eyes on the road, eating while driving, looking for the right radio station and any other activity that takes your focus off the road.

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