With an increased focus on distracted driving, states are cracking down on enforcement of this dangerous activity. Distracted driving is not limited to only cell phone usage; it can include talking with passengers instead of keeping your eyes on the road, eating while driving, looking for the right radio station and any other activity that takes your focus off the road.

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As you may know, the accounting standards for lease accounting will change. From 2019, new standards will apply to all companies reporting under IFRS or US GAAP, which are mainly listed companies. In this webinar, which is our second on the topic, we – together with a lease accounting expert from PwC – will address the upcoming changes, how these changes will impact you as a lessee and what LeasePlan will do to support their clients in all this.

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the future of lease accountingThe factory order option is the most cost-effective way to acquire fleet vehicles. However, it can take weeks or months, and be problematic for your fleet if you don't know what to expect. Our experts uncover the factors that can delay order-to-delivery times, and how to handle these challenges.

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global fleet trendsWith the recent changes in the economic environment, many fleets are re-evaluating their vehicle financing options, specifically interest rates. There are two interest rate options ­­ fixed and floating. But which one is right for your fleet? Read more about the differences between each option.

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