total operating costsThe components that make up the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a vehicle ultimately affect each other. Reduce your vehicle operating costs by selecting vehicles with the highest resale value, and the lowest fuel and maintenance costs. Then, look at the other areas for possible cost-saving opportunities. Use this infographic to understand how your vehicle’s cost of ownership affects your overall budget.

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Analyzing a leasing strategy versus a reimbursement program is pivotal when considering the best decision for both your drivers and your company. Here are 10 things you should know about reimbursement, and how it can come with many hidden costs.

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As a fleet manager, you may experience order-to-delivery delays from time to time, which can create complications with your fleet’s productivity. However, using the following 5 tips can help avoid many of these problems, ensuring a smoother ride for your fleet all year long.

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In early 2016, new accounting standards were issued by the International Accounting Standards Board and the Financial Accounting Standards Board that will impact lease accounting. As a fleet professional, you might think there’s not much you can do to prepare for the changes. But there is. Here’s a checklist of the ways you can help your company prepare.

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leasing vs. reimbursementAnalyzing a leasing versus reimbursement fleet management strategy is pivotal when considering the best decision for both the driver and the company. The following guidebook walks through fleet leasing and reimbursement, and how these two strategies result in drastically different ways a fleet is managed.

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