Happy Summer and welcome to the June Product Rundown! Here you'll find the latest updates and improvements we've been working on right here at LeasePlan. If you'd like to know more about any of the products or services you see here, feel free to reach out to your account manager to get started today.

Assess driver risk easily with OneScore

Driver risk can be difficult to measure, often becoming apparent when it’s too late. Without the proper insight, incentivizing them to adhere to policy guidelines can be even more difficult. OneScore simplifies this, with little help needed from fleet managers to do it’s job.

Drivers are scored individually on three main categories: safety, compliance and efficiency – all of which can be customized based on company policy. You can decide the metrics that should be factored into creating these scores and, once they’re all calculated, OneScore sums them up with an algorithm that assigns that driver a score based on all the things you noted to be important.

Timely preventative maintenance service, safe-driving techniques and overall vehicle compliance will help a driver maintain the highest score possible, which they can see in the MyLeasePlan app any time. We even provide maintenance reminders through the app, just to help keep things moving.

Interested in signing up for OneScore? Let us know!

In a flash: Explaining the value of telematics to your team

In this flash interview, we hear from Frank Zhang, a technology enthusiast right here at LeasePlan. As a product manager, Frank gets questions all the time around exactly how to explain the value of connected vehicles to the people who care most. So, we asked him about it! Here’s how it went.

Hi Frank! So, let’s say I want to show the value of telematics to my boss. What things should I keep in mind for our discussion?

Well, who’s your boss?

Fair question. Does their role in the company truly matter when chatting about connected vehicles?

Absolutely. There’s multiple audiences you have to consider when talking telematics. The main two I come into contact with are usually those in either Human Resources or Procurement – and they care about totally different things when it comes to the business.

Makes sense. HR is usually concerned with employee safety and compliance, while procurement professionals tend to be more focused on the financial bottom line and cost savings for the business.

For sure. The biggest thing about telematics is that you don’t know what you don’t know. Without a way to see what’s happening, you don’t know if your drivers are doing good or bad things.

So for example, if you talked to your neighbor three times and they asked to borrow your car, would you let them? Let’s say you hire someone for your company and they start and you hand them a set of keys. Sure, you’ve done your MVR (Motor Vehicle Reporting) on them, so you know they haven’t done anything egregious. But while they have your vehicle, you’re incurring the costs of maintenance, repair, fuel and more.

And without connected vehicles, you may not know how driver behaviors could be impacting those things.

Right, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Can you give me some examples of the types of insights I could tap into with the use of telematics?

Let’s take idling for instance: 15 minutes of idling burns about a quarter gallon of gas. Every hour you idle – boom – there goes a gallon of gas. If you have 500 drivers and all of them idle one hour a day, that’s 500 gallons thrown away. That’s like 1,700 bucks – even if you cut it in half, you could save $800 a day. That’s just one thing – idling. And that’s a simple thing to look at using telematics.

Gotcha, that’s a big cost savings and that’s just for one area! What about safety?

Right, how do you know drivers are driving with their seatbelts on? Abiding by speed limits? The higher your harsh brake count is, for example, the higher the correlation is to a rear-ending accident. That’s money and productivity gone. On the other side of it, fast acceleration can also be an issue and is probably the worst thing for your MPG variance.

This decreases efficiency, correct?

Right, and you can see these things with connected vehicles. You may have a max threshold rule for speed and other guidelines in your policy, but how do you enforce that without governing the vehicle? With visibility, you can coach and explore real-time remedies enforced by telematics devices in the vehicle.

Absolutely! Are there any best practices we should consider before we get started?

Prioritize the areas you want to tackle first and go step by step. You won’t be able to change everything at once, but with insight you can pick what’s most important and go from there. Also, consider all parties in the process: your driver, your company and your telematics provider. Each one will have an important role to play in how you’re able to implement your learnings and move forward.

Want to learn more? Get the e-book on telematics at LeasePlan today.


Personal mileage reporting is even easier on the MyLeasePlan app

Drivers can now see the previous month’s odometer reading on the current month’s mileage entry page, making it easier to compare mileage month over month. Driver mileage entries will also be checked for accuracy now, because we know everyone has had a bad day with numbers. We can’t enter the miles for your drivers, but we can make it easier so they can get back to focusing on their day jobs.

We hear even more enhancements are on the way – check out this sneak peak from LeasePlan’s VP of Product Management, Kris Bush.

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Welcome to the Product Rundown! Here you’ll find the latest updates and improvements we’ve been working on right here at LeasePlan. If you’d like to know more about any of the products or services you see here, feel free to reach out to your account manager to get started today.


Elle helps your drivers find national accounts

Did you know Elle, LeasePlan's Virtual Assistant for Fleet Drivers, now has the ability to help drivers find national account service locations near them. They simply ask Elle, "Where can I get my vehicle serviced?" and Elle will retrieve the five closest national account locations.

Want to meet Elle? Click here to get started on a free demo of the MyLeasePlan app.

MyLeasePlan driver policy management

Did you know that you can store your driver policy in the MyLeasePlan driver app and require drivers to digitally acknowledge the policy? Forget the days of handwritten signatures or even email acknowledgements. And when you want to know if a driver has accepted their policy, you can find it easily in ePlan.

Storing your policy in MyLeasePlan is simple. Get started today!

Continuous MVR monitoring now available in Mississippi

If you have drivers in Mississippi, you'll be happy to hear the magnolia state was added to the Continuous Motor Vehicle Reporting (MVR) program earlier this year. If you're considering adding continuous monitoring to your risk management toolbox, this is just one less state you’ll have to check to be sure your drivers are in good standing. You’ll be automatically notified of any changes to their driving records as soon as they occur. Go Mississippi!

Continuous MVR can help decrease risk while improving the safety and security of your fleet. We’ve even tied MVR into our OneScore algorithm, so your drivers’ scores will be automatically impacted by any negative reporting in real time. Contact your account manager to enroll today.

Safety comes first in MyLeasePlan

The app currently restricts usage while driving and will be disabled once the driver’s speed hits 15 MPH. This helps to keep drivers focused on the road, traveling from point A to B safe and sound.

Do you have distracted drivers?

If so, you should consider enrolling them in LeasePlan's most popular safety course, Driving While Distracted. Or better yet, enroll your drivers in a comprehensive risk management program like Virtual Risk Manager where drivers will be continually educated throughout the year on how to make safer driving decisions.

For access to Driving While Distracted, reach out to your account manager to enroll in our Driver Training program. Learn more about our risk management and safety solutions here.