Welcome to the October Product Rundown! Here you’ll find the latest updates and tech improvements we’ve been working on right here at LeasePlan. If you’d like to know more about any of the products or services you see here, feel free to reach out to your account manager to get started today.

Intelligent communications take us from order to delivery

We’re improving our order-to-delivery communications, which means more timely, informative updates for you and your drivers along the way. Drivers will still be notified every step of the way, from the time the manufacturer receives the order right up until the time of delivery. If your driver is turning in a vehicle, we’ve got that covered, too.

These new updates will be sent through email and are also accessible in the MyLeasePlan app. Within the app, drivers can see the estimated vehicle delivery date and even details on where and how to complete pick-ups and turn-ins.

MyLeasePlan usage skyrockets

LeasePlan has seen more than 10,000 new users join the MyLeasePlan app community this year. We talked to a few of them to find out what they’re loving the most.

One driver said they love the OneScore feature the most – specifically, the ability to keep tabs on his own performance. “I especially like it when I do something to make my score go up,” he said. Makes sense – OneScore works in real time and drivers always have a clear view of what their scores are made of.

Another driver said the ability to open the app and check on vehicle order status was the biggest benefit for her thus far. Without having to rely on emails or phone calls, she was still able to gauge how long it would take to receive her vehicle, and even details on where and how to pick it up.

Elle was popular among our drivers as well! They mentioned how easy it is to use and how Elle has simplified everyday concerns, like policy questions and personal mileage logging.

Picking tires: do you know the differences?

As winter approaches, we’ll be talking more and more about how to decide which tires are best for your fleet. But to start, we’ve saved you some time and compared a few. We think there may be some differences that might surprise you.

Welcome to the September Product Rundown! Here you’ll find the latest updates and tech improvements we’ve been working on right here at LeasePlan. If you’d like to know more about any of the products or services you see here, feel free to reach out to your account manager to get started today.

Change driver behavior with ‘One More Second’ course

You may not always know how your drivers are performing on the road, but with LeasePlan, you have access to courses that can take your drivers from good to great. This 2-hour online training, powered by our education partner eDriving, helps drivers develop the right attitudes and behaviors necessary to maintain control behind the wheel.

You can sign your drivers up today for a discounted price – simply reach out to your account manager to get started.

Have your drivers logged into MyLeasePlan yet?

With a renewed focus on intelligent communications, LeasePlan is reaching out to each individual driver that has access to the MyLeasePlan app, but has not yet logged in. The app’s features are improving daily, and we’re just getting started. We’ve heard from drivers, fleet managers and even shops along the way and they agree, it’s pretty good! The fact that comes at no cost to you is just an added bonus.

So far, MyLeasePlan drivers can:

  • Locate fuel and maintenance shops nearby
  • Manage personal and company mileage reporting
  • Keep track of prescribed safety courses
  • View important vehicle information, including new vehicle order details
  • Monitor vehicle tag registrations, expirations and requests
  • Talk with Elle, the first virtual assistant in fleet

Help us communicate the benefits of having the MyLeasePlan app with your drivers. It’s hassle-free and it’s easy.

TollGuard is almost here!

TollGuard is a tolling protection service that makes safeguarding your fleet against violations easy and affordable. The solution will officially be live on Tuesday, October 1.

How do I know if my fleet is affected?

If your company is currently utilizing LeasePlan-owned vehicles, the TollGuard solution will likely cover your fleet. LeasePlan-owned vehicles are automatically enrolled into the program, so please be sure to reach out to your account manager to confirm your billing is set up properly.

Please note it may take up to 72 hours for enrollment to officially become activated. Your account manager may follow up with you if any additional information is needed.

What if I don’t have LeasePlan-owned vehicles, but I want to protect my fleet from unnecessary toll violations?

Our TollPlan solution can help! The program includes toll transponders, driver welcome packets and automatic TollGuard coverage for units outside of predicted tolling regions — and it works! Clients enrolled in TollPlan save roughly 80% on toll costs. For more information on TollPlan, reach out to your account manager today.

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Welcome to the August Product Rundown! Here you’ll find the latest updates and tech improvements we’ve been working on right here at LeasePlan. If you’d like to know more about any of the products or services you see here, feel free to reach out to your account manager to get started today.

‘Get in front of it’ using our Recall Management tool

How many recalls are hiding in your fleet? Here at LeasePlan USA, we were able to uncover 23 total – not bad, but definitely not permanent. Our drivers are already working on getting their recalls repaired.

Because of the sophisticated reporting, not only can our drivers see that their vehicles have open recalls – they can see the exact details, including affected parts and whether the recall classifies as a stop sale/do not drive. This information is vital to ensuring the safety of our fleet, and we are so excited to bring more fleets onboard.

Reach out to your account manager to find out how you can get started with Recall Management today.

TollGuard brings a new level of protection

Toll violations and penalties can add up. Just consider the costs: for a $1 toll, if your toll account is underfunded for any reason, you could end up paying up to $75 in fees. To mitigate against these types of unnecessary expenses, LeasePlan is putting a new program in place, establishing a backup toll account for all LeasePlan-owned vehicles. The new program, TollGuard, will be officially live on October 1. Find out what this means for you.

With Telematics, you don’t know what you don’t know

Join us for a quick afternoon chat about how to uncover key details you may currently be unaware of when it comes to your fleet. With telematics data, we’ve found the saying to be true: you don’t know what you don’t know. So, grab a cup of coffee and come hear about three companies that peeled back the data to see what was really going on in their fleet – and took action.

Will we see you on Tuesday, September 10? Register for the webinar today!

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Welcome to the July Product Rundown! Here you’ll find the latest updates and tech improvements we’ve been working on right here at LeasePlan. If you’d like to know more about any of the products or services you see here, feel free to reach out to your account manager to get started today.

How well are you communicating with your drivers?

Let’s face it – sometimes communicating with all of your drivers can be a challenge. Chances are, if you feel like you could be doing more, you probably can. Did you know there is more than one way to communicate with your fleet using LeasePlan services? Opt into any one at any time. Reach out to your account manager for more information.


Let’s start with the MyLeasePlan app. It already offers personal mileage reporting, vehicle maintenance records and a fuel locator – and there’s so much more coming. You can even allow your drivers to accept your company policy and help enforce compliance through the app.


Enrolling in Elle is a great way to let your drivers do the talking – especially when it comes to the simple things. While drivers would once dial up their fleet managers to ask day-to-day questions, all of those inquiries can now be directed toward Elle first. If she can’t answer it, she’ll learn how. She even absorbs your policy information, making it a one-stop shop for any policy-related questions your drivers may have while on the road. Think of Elle as a fleet manager’s first line of support – she’s not just the driver’s virtual assistant, she’s everybody’s virtual assistant.


Tell your drivers how they’re doing, incentivize them, show them where they can improve – all without lifting a finger. Not only does OneScore do all this and more for your drivers, the aggregate data allows you to see your driver performance from a bird’s eye view. So you can better spot the areas that need the most attention to proactively manage your fleet.

To learn more about how to enhance your driver communications setup, reach out to your account manager today.

You, too, can help teach Elle

When you communicate with Elle, she learns and communicates back. She’s able to ingest policy data, fuel card information and more, just to make life a bit easier for you and your drivers. The only way she gets better, though, is by doing more. So, talk to Elle! More talking means more listening – which means more talking (and problem solving!) for fleet’s first virtual assistant.

Go ahead, put her to the test! You can start with things like:

  • What is my fuel card pin?
  • Can my spouse drive my car?
  • Will my company pay for my car wash?

Click here to check out Elle’s full capabilities.

Happy Summer and welcome to the June Product Rundown! Here you'll find the latest updates and improvements we've been working on right here at LeasePlan. If you'd like to know more about any of the products or services you see here, feel free to reach out to your account manager to get started today.

Assess driver risk easily with OneScore

Driver risk can be difficult to measure, often becoming apparent when it’s too late. Without the proper insight, incentivizing them to adhere to policy guidelines can be even more difficult. OneScore simplifies this, with little help needed from fleet managers to do it’s job.

Drivers are scored individually on three main categories: safety, compliance and efficiency – all of which can be customized based on company policy. You can decide the metrics that should be factored into creating these scores and, once they’re all calculated, OneScore sums them up with an algorithm that assigns that driver a score based on all the things you noted to be important.

Timely preventative maintenance service, safe-driving techniques and overall vehicle compliance will help a driver maintain the highest score possible, which they can see in the MyLeasePlan app any time. We even provide maintenance reminders through the app, just to help keep things moving.

Interested in signing up for OneScore? Let us know!

In a flash: Explaining the value of telematics to your team

In this flash interview, we hear from Frank Zhang, a technology enthusiast right here at LeasePlan. As a product manager, Frank gets questions all the time around exactly how to explain the value of connected vehicles to the people who care most. So, we asked him about it! Here’s how it went.

Hi Frank! So, let’s say I want to show the value of telematics to my boss. What things should I keep in mind for our discussion?

Well, who’s your boss?

Fair question. Does their role in the company truly matter when chatting about connected vehicles?

Absolutely. There’s multiple audiences you have to consider when talking telematics. The main two I come into contact with are usually those in either Human Resources or Procurement – and they care about totally different things when it comes to the business.

Makes sense. HR is usually concerned with employee safety and compliance, while procurement professionals tend to be more focused on the financial bottom line and cost savings for the business.

For sure. The biggest thing about telematics is that you don’t know what you don’t know. Without a way to see what’s happening, you don’t know if your drivers are doing good or bad things.

So for example, if you talked to your neighbor three times and they asked to borrow your car, would you let them? Let’s say you hire someone for your company and they start and you hand them a set of keys. Sure, you’ve done your MVR (Motor Vehicle Reporting) on them, so you know they haven’t done anything egregious. But while they have your vehicle, you’re incurring the costs of maintenance, repair, fuel and more.

And without connected vehicles, you may not know how driver behaviors could be impacting those things.

Right, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Can you give me some examples of the types of insights I could tap into with the use of telematics?

Let’s take idling for instance: 15 minutes of idling burns about a quarter gallon of gas. Every hour you idle – boom – there goes a gallon of gas. If you have 500 drivers and all of them idle one hour a day, that’s 500 gallons thrown away. That’s like 1,700 bucks – even if you cut it in half, you could save $800 a day. That’s just one thing – idling. And that’s a simple thing to look at using telematics.

Gotcha, that’s a big cost savings and that’s just for one area! What about safety?

Right, how do you know drivers are driving with their seatbelts on? Abiding by speed limits? The higher your harsh brake count is, for example, the higher the correlation is to a rear-ending accident. That’s money and productivity gone. On the other side of it, fast acceleration can also be an issue and is probably the worst thing for your MPG variance.

This decreases efficiency, correct?

Right, and you can see these things with connected vehicles. You may have a max threshold rule for speed and other guidelines in your policy, but how do you enforce that without governing the vehicle? With visibility, you can coach and explore real-time remedies enforced by telematics devices in the vehicle.

Absolutely! Are there any best practices we should consider before we get started?

Prioritize the areas you want to tackle first and go step by step. You won’t be able to change everything at once, but with insight you can pick what’s most important and go from there. Also, consider all parties in the process: your driver, your company and your telematics provider. Each one will have an important role to play in how you’re able to implement your learnings and move forward.

Want to learn more? Get the e-book on telematics at LeasePlan today.


Personal mileage reporting is even easier on the MyLeasePlan app

Drivers can now see the previous month’s odometer reading on the current month’s mileage entry page, making it easier to compare mileage month over month. Driver mileage entries will also be checked for accuracy now, because we know everyone has had a bad day with numbers. We can’t enter the miles for your drivers, but we can make it easier so they can get back to focusing on their day jobs.

We hear even more enhancements are on the way – check out this sneak peak from LeasePlan’s VP of Product Management, Kris Bush.

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