Amsterdam, 6 May 2019 – LeasePlan, one of the world's leading Car-as-a-Service ("CaaS") companies, has launched a new app that allows private lease customers to share their cars with friends and family

The pilot app – called 'Tess' – allows selected friends and relatives of LeasePlan's private lease customers in the Netherlands to book the vehicle, track its parking location and take care of all relevant administration, such as rental payments and fuel costs.

By working within drivers' own trusted friends and family networks, 'Tess' is designed to overcome consumers' reluctance to share their cars – a key factor holding back the development of many car sharing platforms.

Michel Alsemgeest, Chief Digital Officer LeasePlan, says:

“People increasingly want flexible subscription services to fulfil their mobility needs, and the introduction of ‘Tess’ fits perfectly with this trend. 'Tess' enables car sharing solely with your friends and family, so the trust issues that stopped many people from sharing their cars just aren't there anymore. In addition, because 'Tess' allows you to easily split the costs with everyone who has driven the car, you can get it making money for you even while you're not driving it – which makes private leasing an even more affordable option. With our customers' feedback, we aim to work on the further rollout of 'Tess' and other digital car subscription services."

Lease costs can be split evenly over all participants or can be calculated based on an hourly rate for the usage per person. When appropriate, the lease car owner can request payment, including fuel costs, using the popular repayment app 'Tikkie'.

'Tess' is integrated with Google Maps and uses a tracking beacon to make the car locatable when parked. In addition, 'Tess' uses the latest voice recognition technology to allow users to reserve the car or get access to other important information, such as its location or current mileage. Drivers can talk to ‘Tess’ via Google Assistant on their mobile phone or smartwatch, or through Google Home.

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“Putting climate change at the top of Europe’s agenda will provide us, as business leaders, with the clarity and confidence to further invest in the net zero emissions industries of the future, driving innovation and protecting European competitiveness on a global scale.”Tex Gunning

Urgent action is needed to tackle climate change. That's why LeasePlan CEO Tex Gunning, along with leaders from over 60 businesses, investors and business networks, signed a letter – organised by The Prince of Wales' Corporate Leaders Group – to call on EU regulators to sign carbon neutrality into law by 2050. Click here to read the letter and see a full list of companies who signed the letter.


Welcome to the Product Rundown! Here you’ll find the latest updates and improvements we’ve been working on right here at LeasePlan. If you’d like to know more about any of the products or services you see here, feel free to reach out to your account manager to get started today.


Elle helps your drivers find national accounts

Did you know Elle, LeasePlan's Virtual Assistant for Fleet Drivers, now has the ability to help drivers find national account service locations near them. They simply ask Elle, "Where can I get my vehicle serviced?" and Elle will retrieve the five closest national account locations.

Want to meet Elle? Click here to get started on a free demo of the MyLeasePlan app.

MyLeasePlan driver policy management

Did you know that you can store your driver policy in the MyLeasePlan driver app and require drivers to digitally acknowledge the policy? Forget the days of handwritten signatures or even email acknowledgements. And when you want to know if a driver has accepted their policy, you can find it easily in ePlan.

Storing your policy in MyLeasePlan is simple. Get started today!

Continuous MVR monitoring now available in Mississippi

If you have drivers in Mississippi, you'll be happy to hear the magnolia state was added to the Continuous Motor Vehicle Reporting (MVR) program earlier this year. If you're considering adding continuous monitoring to your risk management toolbox, this is just one less state you’ll have to check to be sure your drivers are in good standing. You’ll be automatically notified of any changes to their driving records as soon as they occur. Go Mississippi!

Continuous MVR can help decrease risk while improving the safety and security of your fleet. We’ve even tied MVR into our OneScore algorithm, so your drivers’ scores will be automatically impacted by any negative reporting in real time. Contact your account manager to enroll today.

Safety comes first in MyLeasePlan

The app currently restricts usage while driving and will be disabled once the driver’s speed hits 15 MPH. This helps to keep drivers focused on the road, traveling from point A to B safe and sound.

Do you have distracted drivers?

If so, you should consider enrolling them in LeasePlan's most popular safety course, Driving While Distracted. Or better yet, enroll your drivers in a comprehensive risk management program like Virtual Risk Manager where drivers will be continually educated throughout the year on how to make safer driving decisions.

For access to Driving While Distracted, reach out to your account manager to enroll in our Driver Training program. Learn more about our risk management and safety solutions here.

Executives from several fleet management companies discussed their vision for the future of fleet management at NAFA I&E 2019, and detailed why it’s an exciting time to be part of the industry.

Fleet managements executives who spoke during the panel included Dan Frank, CEO and president, Wheels, Inc.; Tom Callahan, president, Donlen; Jay Forbes, CEO, Element Fleet Management; Bob White, president, ARI; and Matt Dyer, CEO and president, LeasePlan USA. Moderating the panel was Mike Joyce, executive director, American Automotive Leasing Association (AALA).

They stressed the importance of fleets looking to leverage the assistance of existing fleet technologies, suppliers, and other industry partners to be better prepared for the gradual changes that will be happening in the industry.

“This is a great opportunity for all of us, to be agile enough to stay up to speed, but I think we’ll look back on this time and reflect on really how innovative it was,” said Dyer.

Other topics addressed during the panel included the growing risk of distracted driving and how safety initiatives can help curb this, and learning to have a better understanding of who has ownership of the data that is collected by fleets, fleet management companies, and other industry suppliers.


Source: Automotive FLEET

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Our very own John Ciarlone, director of product development, spoke today at the esteemed Ceres Conference in San Francisco. As part of a wider panel John discussed the continued environmental impact of the transportation sector and how advances in electric vehicle technology have sparked new interest from investors. This breakout session brought together influential companies to highlight the benefits of corporate electrification and how it is changing the future of our transportation system to get us to a clean energy economy. Stay tuned for a full event summary next week.