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There are plenty of reasons you love your diesel-fueled vehicle such as better fuel economy, lower emissions, and cheaper and less frequent required maintenance checks than gas-powered vehicles. But just because those maintenance checks are less frequent, doesn’t mean you can’t take care of your diesel engine in the meantime.
When sitting behind the wheel of a car, there are two things that most drivers want: to reach their destination, and to do so as safely as possible. This means having a car that is in good condition, and that includes its tires. Tires are a part of a car's foundation.
Customer Service Week is a celebration of the importance of customer service and of the people who serve and support our great customers on a daily basis. Customer service professionals play a vital role here at LeasePlan. They are the face of our company and the impressions they make have a lasting and long reaching effect.
The bottom line is you can’t change the fundamental requirements of your business, which necessitates specific asset requirements. The best way to minimize preventable accidents (and by default vehicle downtime) is by modifying driver behavior.
In the September Product Rundown, we're talking improving driver behavior with a new online training, the new TollGuard program and, of course, the MyLeasePlan app.
To reinforce LeasePlan’s commitment to providing world class fleet management services, we are introducing a solution for an issue that plagues all fleets within the United States. TollGuard is a tolling protection service that makes safeguarding your fleet against violations easy and affordable.
LeasePlan's goal is to enrich the user experience and deliver meaningful exchanges that can result in lower risky behavior and a higher return on the asset for their customers.
Welcome to the August Product Rundown! Here you'll find the latest updates and tech improvements we've been working on right here at LeasePlan. If you'd like to know more about any of the products or services you see here, feel free to reach out to your account manager to get started today.
Spec’ing a vehicle can be a misleading task. It’s something fleet managers are probably already aware of, and may already believe they can do well. But, under-spec’ed and over-spec’ed trucks often come with their disadvantages, including unnecessary costs and loss of productivity. The job of fleet manager has grown and evolved to include more and more responsibility, and the auto industry has evolved and grown in similar ways. This is why even fleets should remember to revisit their specs on a regular basis.
Labor Day weekend is often regarded as the “last weekend of summer”, with millions taking to the highway for one final summer getaway. Tragically, this particular holiday has become associated with drunk driving – over the 2017 Labor Day holiday period 44 percent of traffic fatalities involved drivers who had been drinking.
The 2019 Malibu, which is now in its ninth generation, offers a choice of three powertrains, including a gasoline-electric hybrid. GM began offering the Malibu as a 1964 trim grade of its (at the time) new Chevelle geared to families.
A recent study has found a link between fleets that invest in advanced safety technologies and emphasize safety culture and greatly improved safety performance outcomes.
The automotive industry is undergoing rapid innovation, with exciting advances being made into technologies that we once thought either unachievable in our lifetime or just downright impossible. Some of the most important recent advancements in this space have focused on the use of data to improve safety for drivers. But let’s take a step back and consider some of the other ways we can be safer drivers.
While accident management safety statistics reported this year remained mostly consistent to what was reported in last year’s annual report, crashes that occurred during parking maneuvers, or rear-ending incidents, continued to dominate the fleet industry. These incident types are prevalent in the industry, and are a perennial concern to fleets everywhere.
New research from AAA reveals that most vehicle escape tools, intended to quickly aid passengers trapped in a car following an accident, will break tempered side windows, but none were able to penetrate laminated glass. Motorists may not realize it, but an increasing number of new cars – in fact, 1 in 3 vehicle models – have laminated side windows, a nearly unbreakable glass meant to lessen the chance of occupant ejection during a collision.
There's no such thing as a perfect driver. We all have driving habits that aren't so great. While tailgating or forgetting to use a turn signal can be an annoyance (and even a danger) to other drivers on the road, some bad driving habits can affect your car's condition, too. Follow along as we break down seven common driving habits that damage your car and how you can avoid them.
Nearly 70% of Americans think it's unlikely a driver will get caught by police for driving while high on marijuana. An alarming finding from AAA shows that an estimated 14.8 million drivers report getting behind the wheel within one hour after using marijuana. Drivers who get behind the wheel while impaired put themselves and others at risk.
The ability to haul a trailer is a driving skill that is extremely useful, especially when moving, purchasing new furniture, transporting lawnmowers or ATVs, hauling a boat or RV. Knowing how to successfully attach a trailer to your vehicle's hitch is only one step in the process of driving with a trailer. There are several other things that you need to consider before hitting the road in tandem.
When it feels like a sauna outside, the last thing you want is even more hot air blasting you in the face when you get in the car. If your car A/C isn't cutting it this summer, learn how to make the air conditioner colder in your vehicle - and save that super sweaty feeling for a good gym session! Here are four ways to make the car air conditioner feel colder, faster.
Although the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports the number of motorcycle fatalities dropped from a high in 2016 of 5,286 down to 5,172 in 2017, the proportion of motorcyclist fatalities relative to all traffic-related fatalities has more than doubled over the past two decades. Simply put, in a collision, motorcyclists are more vulnerable than vehicle drivers. That said, both motorcyclists and drivers have a responsibility to safely share the road.
Our latest blog covers the key trends from Global Fleet Conference 2019. Over 350 attendees made the trip, some from as far away as Australia. As a relative newcomer to both LeasePlan and the fleet sector, it was great to see so many industry giants coming together to share years of expertise and valuable insights. The wealth of experience and depth of knowledge was evident throughout the entire schedule.
Do car troubles have your business vehicles struggling to keep up? Now, you don't have to miss a single mile. Firestone Complete Auto Care has launched extended late hours in select cities. This exciting new offering allows business clients to get their fleet vehicles serviced during off-hours to minimize fleet downtime.
Forget the technical and safety challenges facing self-driving cars' march toward the mainstream: good old-fashioned carsickness is coming up as a worthy considerationfor automakers designing autonomous vehicles. Volkswagen has announced that it has set scientists in Wolfsburg, Germany, on the task of studying motion sickness in autonomous cars and developing anti-puke solutions (our term, not VW's).
A couple of months ago, we wrapped a truck with our logo­. There are countless reasons to do this, but my colleague, Mark Willard, and I wrapped this truck to drive from Atlanta to Louisville for NAFA I&E 2019 displaying it outside the beautiful Kentucky Derby Museum. During the drive, and throughout the week, one major thing I noticed was the number of people who took note of the wrapped truck.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but car care doesn't take a vacation between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The warmer months present some challenges to personal transportation and maintenance, but this list will help us all have a summer we can enjoy. Here are our top 10 tips to keeping your car - and its passengers - in good shape this summer.
Implementing a subscription-style model can be a terrifying concept for many businesses, but does it need to be? The success of this strategy has already been proven by many companies of all sizes, transforming them from tiny startups to giant conglomerates at astronomic speeds. So, how can it be done? And how can you stay ahead of the curve?
"In our core Car-as-a-Service business for new cars, which operates under the LeasePlan brand, our fleet grew a healthy 3% and we delivered solid growth in our Repair & Maintenance Services and Damage & Insurance services." - Tex Gunning
When it comes to fuel fraud, you can help your company prevent it. Here are a few best practices for drivers, courtesy of WEX Fraud Services and LeasePlan, to get you started.
Climate change is a significant issue facing the world. Earth's temperature is rising, and that's a fact. But even as we approach Earth Day's semicentennial celebration, recent surveys indicate that two-thirds of Americans never talk about climate change. So what does climate change have to do with the world of fleet and automotive, and what can we do about it?
The mentorship program offered by Women in Fleet Management (WIFM) in January 2018 has proved to be incredibly popular with AFLA members. Launched as a free program open to both male and female members, it began with just ten mentor/mentee pairings. This free program has made an exceptional impact on the industry and further strengthens WIFM's position as a progressive and highly educational resource for people in fleet. WIFM, now seven years old itself, currently reaches over 1700 fleet professionals annually through AFLA membership, LinkedIn discussion groups and regular industry receptions.
Executives from several fleet management companies discussed their vision for the future of fleet management at NAFA I&E 2019, and detailed why it's an exciting time to be part of the industry. Fleet managements executives who spoke during the panel included Dan Frank, CEO and president, Wheels, Inc.; Tom Callahan, president, Donlen; Jay Forbes, CEO, Element Fleet Management; Bob White, president, ARI; and Matt Dyer, CEO and president, LeasePlan USA. Moderating the panel was Mike Joyce, executive director, American Automotive Leasing Association (AALA).
With the capabilities of connected vehicles growing exponentially, so does the amount of data available to us. In this video, Felipe Smolka, executive vice-president of transformation at LeasePlan USA, and Greg Buckland, CIO at LeasePlan USA, address the topic of Operational Efficiencies related to Big Data. This session from AFLA's conference on March 19 reveals the secrets to maximizing your data potential. Felipe and Greg discussed the issue of "getting dirty" with big data and how businesses can transform this information into strategic assets with the right approach.
At this year's NAFA Institute and Expo in Louisville, KY, many attendees met our newest team member and driver virtual assistant, Elle, for the first time, but she wasn't the only star of the show. Our new Recall Management solution also stirred up quite the buzz and Matt Dyer made his first appearance on stage at NAFA as president and CEO of LeasePlan USA during the executive panel speaking to the hot topics close to the hearts of fleet managers. "The game has changed significantly," Dyer said. We couldn't agree more.
"I didn't know that wasn't allowed!" says a driver as they're defending their behavior of texting while driving 60 mph down the freeway. If you're a fleet manager, you've definitely heard this by now as you discover a driver operating outside of your policy. It's a problem plaguing companies in general - and fleets are no different.
Over the last two weeks, my fellow bloggers, Kris Bush and Maggie Leark, have both talked about our driver score card called OneScore from the perspective of the driver and the fleet manager. This week, I'm going to lift the hood on OneScore a little more and give you a taste of where it's headed.
Last week, Kris Bush, our vice president of product management, and LeasePlan fleet driver, explained how OneScore helps him be a better fleet driver. OneScore, the driver scorecard, is an awesome tool for helping each of us keep safe, efficient and compliant on the road. However, OneScore doesn't just benefit the driver, it's also a valuable tool for the fleet manager.
Most company car drivers probably judge the "goodness" of their driving by how many tickets they've received or how many crashes they've been involved in. But when you look under the hood, you realize there are a lot more criteria involved in being a good driver. Risk and safety are very important components but there are financial and compliance factors as well.
In the fleet world, when you hear the word allocation, what do you think of? To me, it is almost solely used to refer to obtaining vehicles from a manufacturer. The Oxford-English Dictionary defines allocation as, "An amount of a resource assigned to a particular recipient." Unfortunately, in fleet, resources (aka vehicles) aren't assigned to a "particular recipient" like the dictionary definition suggests. That's the problem that I want to explore and explain here. Unless you place your vehicle orders early enough, there are no guarantees.
General George S. Patton is attributed with saying "A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week." I took some serious liberties with that quote and transformed it into "knowing something is great, but doing something is better." But I whole heartedly agree that doing it good [sic] today is better than doing it perfect next week.
I've always valued user experience (UX) and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), so the idea of the iPhone prevailing based on UX is always a great anecdote to me. It's easy to say, 11+ years after its initial release, that it's the most popular mobile device by far. The iPhone paired with other Apple products provide a great and inclusive ecosystem... but I think that looking back to 2007 really shows the importance of UX vs. feature-set.
One of my favorite stories is of how my parents first met. And since tomorrow is Valentine's Day, I thought this was the perfect time to talk about it.
I want to start this blog with a short tale of my own UX (User Experience) superhero, the iPhone. The smart device that got everyone to do a "180" and rethink UX in its essence. Is it time for the invincible superhero to grow up? Well, maybe, just maybe, some help from cars could be of use
When I entered the fleet industry, paper was the norm at my company. Although society had begun the shift to digital, it was still slowly making its way into fleet. It seemed like everything was done the old-fashioned way and required lots of manual review time. But things changed.
Data is king. These three words are often repeated across many industries, but there is truth to the statement. As consumers and businesses progress into a more connected ecosystem, it's crucial to optimize and maximize efficiencyand to do that, utilization of data in the proper way means the world.
When is comes to electric vehicles (EVs), it's difficult to wade through all the information. So, we compiled several different resources for you to start your research. Start learning about EVs now by downloading the files below. And please reach out to us, if you have any questions or would like to speak about integrating EVs into your fleet.
With so much traffic on the road, it's important to be prepared for all possible emergency situations to ensure you and your family reach your destination safely. We've put together a few basic holiday road trip tips for you to use when preparing for your travel this holiday season.
All organizations should continually ask and evaluate how to most effectively use their limited resources. The lease versus buy question is being asked more frequently in response to the new lease accounting rules as well as the tax reform bill enacted this past December.
From vehicle ordering to maintenance and remarketing, one thing remains at the heart of all fleet management services: the vehicle. Everything you do, with some help from your fleet management company, is about getting and keeping your drivers mobile for the minimum cost. So why is there so much concern over the vehicle and how to maximize this investment?
As a 25-year vehicle maintenance technician veteran, I would argue that when it comes to taking care of your vehicle, the single most important thing you can do is the oil change.
Ready to update your fleet policy for self-driving cars? Technology is changing rapidly and you should lookout for shifts in the industry impacting policy.
With technology advancements, consumer appetite and the regulatory forces in play, practical choices are emerging for EVs.Here are some of the myths I've heard, and the truths behind them:
Every day, millions of drivers hit the roads for both business and pleasure with the ultimate goal of arriving safely at their intended destinations. While the majority of drivers do arrive safely, there is an alarming number that don't.
Fuel costs are like death and taxes; they're going to happen no matter what you do. And you have no control over them. So what can you do to reduce fuel spend?
We recently added Felipe Smolka to our leadership team as senior vice president and transformation leader for LeasePlan USA. We had the opportunity to sit down with him to learn more about his vision for What's next.
When it comes to gas-powered cars, everyone over the driving age knows how and where to fuel their car. But if you've been thinking of making the switch to a battery electric vehicle (BEV) or a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), you need to know how and where to charge it up so you can get out and have some driving fun!
As we undoubtedly move into a new era of battery electric vehicles (BEVs or EVs), it's important to know these differences in driving and what options are available for your fleet.
For many of us, school bus safety seems to be a no-brainer. But there may be a few tips that you aren't aware of and may just be the difference in a safe ride to or from school for students.
Research from LeasePlan UK, part of the world's largest vehicle management group, shows that Britain is a nation of trusting lovers, with over half of motorists (58%) saying they would put their full trust in their partner to drive their car compared to just 7% who said they would only trust themselves.
There has been more news in the United States on electric vehicles and the charging infrastructure in the last three months than in the past three years. As time progresses, it is obvious that this is not just a trend, but rather the future of mobility.
This week sees the annual gathering of key decision makers at this year's World Economic Forum in Davos - and one of the big topics they will be discussing is climate change.
Like many of you, I am pretty connected to work through various forms of technology. According to my iTunes account, I have downloaded 174 apps. This number surprised me quite a bit as I only use a handful of them on a regular basis. But one of those apps has made it to my short list lately, and I'll tell you why.
The role of a fleet manager is a very important one - albeit time consuming. With so many day-to-day tasks, it can be easy to get lost in the details of managing a fleet and lose sight of the bigger picture.
When I was working in business development at a fleet management company back in the '80s, I had an interesting experience with a vehicle delivery - or lack thereof.
When it comes to managing your fleet vehicles, do you sometimes feel like you're just getting by? Or are you managing it like a pro? Either way, it's a difficult job. And one that's even harder to master, especially when it comes to finding ways to cut costs.
In the words of Benjamin Franklin, "in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." And when it comes to taxes, having a company car is no exception.
Rent or own a house? Lease or purchase a vehicle? Since the advent of landlords, and lessors, these questions synonymously became intertwined for the usually confused consumer.
LeasePlan recently had the opportunity to drive the brand-new Nissan Leaf, which boasts impressive features, including semi-autonomous capability. How did it stack up against the previous model?
Your company just hired a new employee and you need to get a vehicle - and fast. But with all of the order cut-off dates passed, what can you do? Especially when you have to make sure you get the car you need without having to wait or pay exorbitantly high prices.
In my past life as a vehicle appraiser and inspector for a major used car retailer, I think that I came close to appraising every make and model available. During that time, I also appraised and inspected cars that were maintained in every way imaginable. People would bring in cars that were scratched and/or dented, stinky, and just not taken care of - and they always expected top dollar for it!
With the end of 2017 swiftly approaching, businesses are busy preparing and looking ahead to the upcoming year. In the midst of future planning, though, don't overlook the deadlines that come before the new year. The coming weeks bring numerous compliance deadlines for fleets. Are you and your fleet prepared? Check out the information below to make sure you have everything checked off your list in time.
It seems like everyone in the industry is talking about fuel fraud suddenly. So why is it such a hot topic?
Accomplishing your fleet goals might seem like a daunting task, especially while planning for the upcoming year. The end of the year can seem light years away at times, making it difficult to stay on track for objectives.We're here to help you plan your fleet goals and give you an action plan for how to stay focused and achieve them.
In the wake of Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas, the market may see an influx of damaged vehicles needing to be replaced. Many of those are fleet vehicles, which means it's probably up to you to figure out how to replace them and fast!
At some point, business vs. personal mileage has got to be a no-brainer in fleet management. Fleet managers are under constant pressure to find savings in their fleet. And personal use is a commonly untapped area.
You may have read in the news that LeasePlan USA is in the midst of a transformation. It's true, and it's exciting.
Following Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, you can expect to encounter higher than usual prices at the gas pump. In preparation for Irma, gas in Florida increased to $2.73--the highest it's been since 2014. With prices on the rise, be on the lookout for fuel fraud and ways to combat it. Here are a few best practices, courtesy of WEX Fraud Services and LeasePlan, to get started.
Is soliciting a Request for Proposal (RFP) the best way to find a fleet partner? That's a very personal question. The fleet management RFP process can take months, sometimes over a year, to go through each stage. It's a lot of work to go through an RFP! So is it the best approach to finding a fleet partner?
I often say: Sometimes, coming up with a vehicle replacement strategy is all it takes to save money on your fleet. I recently partnered with one of my clients to see this put into action and it did not disappoint.
A few weeks ago, I flew out to Salt Lake City to join VW and Audi City for their 2018 Fleet Preview. The theme of this event was "Go Big," and they definitely lived up to it - from the first night at Utah Olympic Park to the "closing ceremonies" at the Grand American Hotel. The event was BIG.
The Optimum Replacement Analysis recommends replacement cycles that will allow your fleet to operate at the lowest monthly expense on the lifecycle cost curve.
Imagine this: By making changes to small chunks of the pie chart that is your operating costs, you can uncover savings that add up big time. Of course, we all know this is completely possible, because the components that make up the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a vehicle ultimately affect each other. But just how much can you save from each of these categories?
For companies with fleets that operate in several countries, there can be so many headaches to deal with that a global fleet program might seem too difficult to implement. Fortunately, a little planning can go a long way in implementing a successful program.
After visiting with the Toyota fleet team at the Camry Ride and Drive last month, I thought I would share the highlights for those of you who are planning your order cycle.
Fuel fraud is a sad reality for any company operating a fleet. However, there are still some prevalent misconceptions about this topic.
We are less than six months away from implementation of the new ELD mandate, which goes into effect on December 18, 2017. That means, now is the time to prepare! Here are some commonly asked questions about how these new rules pertain to fleet managers.
Recently, there's been much talk around the United States' decision to exit the Paris Climate Accord agreement. However, many companies have taken the initiative to establish or move forward with their own sustainability goals. Here's a summary on this landmark agreement and how you can leverage your fleet to meet your company's sustainability goals.
You may have seen we recently rolled out a new logo. But that's not all. LeasePlan introduced a new brand promise and a new attitude to go with it.
In May, I hit the road for GM's 2018 Solutions Summit in Las Vegas, hosted by the Fleet and Commercial team. The event was both exciting and educational as fleet professionals got to test drive the 2018 lineup and learn about hot new features from safety to technology and infotainment.