Recently, there’s been much talk around the United States’ decision to exit the Paris Climate Accord agreement. However, many companies have taken the initiative to establish or move forward with their own sustainability goals. Here’s a summary on this landmark agreement and how you can leverage your fleet to meet your company’s sustainability goals.

What is it?

The Paris Climate Accord is an agreement between countries to reduce and mitigate global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. China, the United States, Russia and India are the top 4 countries pledged to reduce emissions starting in 2020.

The accord is a voluntary agreement where 195 countries signed on to establish their own targets to reduce emissions. Analysis of the agreement provided by Dow Jones Financial News determined there is no repercussions or binding enforcement for not reaching any of the voluntary reductions.

Why is it coming up lately?

On June 1, President Donald Trump announced to withdraw the United States from the agreement. However, the earliest the United States can withdraw is November 2020. A number of states and cities have committed to the Climate agreement on their own accord, including California, New York, Washington, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, Virginia, Oregon and Hawaii. However, states and cities cannot join the Paris Accord on their own.

How does this apply to fleets?

Regardless of the political course in the United States, many companies have pledged their support for climate change action and are including initiatives in aspects of their business, such as fleet. Use this opportunity to have LeasePlan measure your fleet's emissions and provide consulting on ways to help reduce your company’s footprint. Only by measuring what your fleet produces can you take actionable steps to reduce it, and save money in return.

Check out some of the reports real clients take advantage of to achieve their sustainability goals!


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