Welcome to the September Product Rundown! Here you’ll find the latest updates and tech improvements we’ve been working on right here at LeasePlan. If you’d like to know more about any of the products or services you see here, feel free to reach out to your account manager to get started today.

Change driver behavior with ‘One More Second’ course

You may not always know how your drivers are performing on the road, but with LeasePlan, you have access to courses that can take your drivers from good to great. This 2-hour online training, powered by our education partner eDriving, helps drivers develop the right attitudes and behaviors necessary to maintain control behind the wheel.

You can sign your drivers up today for a discounted price – simply reach out to your account manager to get started.

Have your drivers logged into MyLeasePlan yet?

With a renewed focus on intelligent communications, LeasePlan is reaching out to each individual driver that has access to the MyLeasePlan app, but has not yet logged in. The app’s features are improving daily, and we’re just getting started. We’ve heard from drivers, fleet managers and even shops along the way and they agree, it’s pretty good! The fact that comes at no cost to you is just an added bonus.

So far, MyLeasePlan drivers can:

  • Locate fuel and maintenance shops nearby
  • Manage personal and company mileage reporting
  • Keep track of prescribed safety courses
  • View important vehicle information, including new vehicle order details
  • Monitor vehicle tag registrations, expirations and requests
  • Talk with Elle, the first virtual assistant in fleet

Help us communicate the benefits of having the MyLeasePlan app with your drivers. It’s hassle-free and it’s easy.

TollGuard is almost here!

TollGuard is a tolling protection service that makes safeguarding your fleet against violations easy and affordable. The solution will officially be live on Tuesday, October 1.

How do I know if my fleet is affected?

If your company is currently utilizing LeasePlan-owned vehicles, the TollGuard solution will likely cover your fleet. LeasePlan-owned vehicles are automatically enrolled into the program, so please be sure to reach out to your account manager to confirm your billing is set up properly.

Please note it may take up to 72 hours for enrollment to officially become activated. Your account manager may follow up with you if any additional information is needed.

What if I don’t have LeasePlan-owned vehicles, but I want to protect my fleet from unnecessary toll violations?

Our TollPlan solution can help! The program includes toll transponders, driver welcome packets and automatic TollGuard coverage for units outside of predicted tolling regions — and it works! Clients enrolled in TollPlan save roughly 80% on toll costs. For more information on TollPlan, reach out to your account manager today.


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