You may have read in the news that LeasePlan USA is in the midst of a transformation. It's true, and it's exciting. We're re-assessing every area of the business, focusing on new products, new ways to keep fleets mobile and tapping new leaders to carry us into the future.

As part of our transformation, we're seeing the brightest minds at LeasePlan taking the reins to deliver more innovative ways to help clients on their fleet journey.

One of those bright minds is Rebecca Langmandel, or Becky as I like to call her. She recently assumed a new role leading our consulting team as vice president of ACT. I sat down with Becky to get the scoop on what she's bringing to LeasePlan's consulting efforts to support our clients' success. Here's an excerpt from our discussion:

You were recently promoted to vice president of ACT at LeasePlan. Tell me about ACT. What does it stand for? And what are your new responsibilities?

ACT is an acronym for Analytics, Consulting and Transformation. But it also stands for our philosophy – acting on our promise to deliver innovative cost savings, analytics and consultancy to our clients.

Analytics and consultancy are at the core of our team. We have a laser focus on transforming the way we present data and recommend actions to our clients to help them meet their cost-savings targets and create efficiencies within their fleet.

So, what type of actions do you typically recommend?
Our recommendations are custom to each client with outcomes dependent on several factors: the current state of the fleet, client goals, and client-specific initiatives, whether those are sustainability, cost savings or even reviewing which drivers should be eligible for a company car.

To provide these recommendations, we focus on three pillars for client success. These are Cost Savings; Environment, Health & Safety; and Policy & Process Improvement.

What type of analysis is your team leveraging in these categories?
There are so many – even just from a cost-savings perspective. For example, we understand depreciation is the largest controllable expense for a fleet, and we want to help clients find ways to save in this area. We can perform an Optimum Replacement Analysis and look at the cost benefit of adjusting replacement parameters. Or, we can recommend alternate vehicles or manufacturers through Lifecycle Cost Analyses. Another analysis can help clients understand the total cost variance of a replacement cycle – from fuel to maintenance to leasing costs on the new versus existing vehicles – which helps decision makers budget for each upcoming order cycle.

Tell me, what gets you excited about your new role?
I love providing solutions for clients. With each analysis, we get to know our clients' unique fleets and business requirements. We can use our proprietary models to offer solutions specific to each scenario. What really gets me excited about this role, though, is when we are tasked to assist a client with something outside our normal repertoire – such as proactive consultancy, and data visualization projects where we can leverage creative problem solving!

That's great, Becky. It seems as though you've hit that place of nirvana where you can merge your passions with your strengths. Can you tell us about some of your team's innovations?
Definitely. The ACT team is preparing to release the first phase of a completely interactive fleet performance review dashboard. This is much more than a report of the day-to-day activities, or a slide deck of how much a fleet spent last year. Clients will be able to see their complete fleet data, presented online alongside recommendations on cost savings and fleet efficiencies. And the best part – it's interactive. So, fleet managers can drill down to see the data on a division, region or even driver-specific basis. We are very excited about this!

I know clients benefit from your team's consulting efforts. Can you give me an example?
We recently presented an analysis to one client that showed if they moved one division from vehicle allowances to leasing, they had the potential to save $3 million over three years. We reviewed the division's specific driver allowance data, and compared with another division's leasing data to show the comparison. And this is the kind of savings we uncover for clients every day.

So, what can you tell our fleet clients about the ACT team itself?
We have formed such a great team! Combined we have over 80 years of LeasePlan-specific experience alone. With backgrounds in multiple disciplines – from account management to maintenance management, financial analysis, asset risk management and business analytics to IT, technical development and data mining. We even have tenured consultancy writers with proposal management experience. It's just such a diverse group of experts to draw from. The best part is we also work hand-in-hand with LeasePlan's global consultancy group to expand our capabilities.

Tell us about your background. How long have you worked at LeasePlan?
I have been at LeasePlan for nine years. My previous role was director, strategic modeling & analytics. In this position, I designed, managed and developed value-added statistical, financial and economic models that provide solutions and support during a client's decision-making process.

Prior to that, I was an asset risk manager, focusing on residual value and budgeted maintenance for LeasePlan's risk-based lease offerings. In my early days at LeasePlan, I was a senior financial analyst and truck remarketing coordinator.

Well, Becky, thanks so much for your time. I will let you get back to solving clients' challenges!

If you need help finding ways to save more money for your fleet, contact us today.


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