Last week, Kris Bush, our vice president of product management, and LeasePlan fleet driver, explained how OneScore helps him be a better fleet driver. OneScore, the driver scorecard, is an awesome tool for helping each of us keep safe, efficient and compliant on the road. However, OneScore doesn't just benefit the driver, it's also a valuable tool for the fleet manager.

As LeasePlan's vice president of client experience, I manage a team that looks after our outsourced fleets. That makes me the fleet manager for nearly 60 different fleets of various shapes and sizes! I'll let you in on a little secret right now – my team and I couldn't succeed on behalf of our clients each and every day without OneScore.

OneScore – the basics for fleet managers

As a fleet manager with 38 years of experience, I know there are three key elements to running a fleet well:
1. Safety – safety is, quite simply, number one!
2. Efficiency – if we want our stakeholders to see value in a fleet, we have to run it as efficiently as possible.
3. Compliance – this area of fleet management directly underpins the other two where we have to be compliant to stay safe and efficient!

So, when I log in to check out a fleet's OneScore and I see it's anywhere south of 95/100 (100 is the only time we relax!), I know I need to dig a little deeper into what's causing the dip. Because LeasePlan understands what matters to our clients, and how to manage a best-in-class fleet, I can immediately tell from OneScore which of the above categories is causing the drop. Now it's time to put my investigator hat on!

OneScore – digging deeper and solving problems

Here's where OneScore really gets useful. It works like a series of indicators, pointing me to where the issue is.

Let's say I see the issue is with safety. The two main aspects of safety within OneScore are motor vehicle record checks (MVRs) and incidents. Immediately I can go and see if there are MVRs that are returning negative results, or if there have been some incidents recently.

When the impacted area is MVRs, I can work with other teams like HR to iron out the issues. If it's incidents causing a problem, I can look at our safety solution and recommend training for those who've been involved. Trends can point me in the direction of implementing wider training initiatives. If this is going to incur a cost, I can already show where the ROI will be to our stakeholders.

Perhaps the lower score is associated with maintenance. Luckily, at LeasePlan, we have an amazing Analytics, Consulting, and Transformation team (ACT) who have built a series of interactive dashboards. This enables me (and all our clients) to see, in seconds, where the maintenance issue is. If there's a small number of drivers causing the score to suffer, I can drill down to the exact details. Sometimes, it's as simple as a few people who've let oil changes slide.

We know as fleet managers missing an oil change can cause serious future problems. We also know that when life gets busy it's one of the things many people let slide. Sometimes, getting that maintenance score back up is as simple as giving a driver a call and reminding them that they need to get preventive maintenance done to keep things on track.

I've often found that someone's been on leave or had a child recently and got busy. All they needed was that reminder to make their vehicle a priority. If there's more of a trend in a particular region, I might see if there's a new regional leader who doesn't quite understand the value of a well-run fleet. I can give them a call and help them understand that costs put off now (e.g. an oil change), can quickly lead to heftier costs (e.g. a new transmission) down the line. It can also chip away at next quarter's results and leave your bottom line lacking in the longer term!

If the issue is with compliance, it could be as simple as a local government paperwork delay. As a result, I put my communicator hat on to let drivers know what's happening. Now, if a new tag is delayed because a DMV has gotten behind with applications, drivers will soon be able to ask Elle – our new virtual assistant in the MyLeasePlan app – "is my tag delayed?" That way, if they notice the OneScore dip before we reach out to them, we can ease their concerns instantly.

OneScore – the bottom line

I love the fleet industry. I started working in a temporary role and just couldn't leave it! Throughout my career I've had to use spreadsheets, analysis and sometimes simply "hunches" to get to the root of where exactly a fleet's performance needs improvement. Now, all I have to do is log into OneScore and follow those indicators.

If you'd like to find out more about how we can help you run a best-in-class fleet, just drop us a line! Or check out more on OneScore.

About the author
As Vice President of Client Experience, Maggie Leark leads a team of dedicated client service professionals. Maggie and her colleagues also provide our outsourced solutions including MyFleetResource and MyFleetProfessional. With 38 years of experience in the fleet management sector there's no challenge she, and her team, can't overcome for our clients.


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