Like many of you, I am pretty connected to work through various forms of technology.

Calls to my office forward directly to my mobile phone. I get voicemail transcripts in my emails. I get emails on three different devices and have a couple of project management apps that alert me of status updates or new assignments. I drew the line, however, and just said no to extending this chaos to my wrist with a smartwatch. Though I did invest in a cool new watch that tracks my steps and vibrates when I get text messages or calls, but that's another story for another day.

According to my iTunes account, I have downloaded 174 apps. This number surprised me quite a bit as I only use a handful of them on a regular basis. But one of those apps has made it to my short list lately, and I’ll tell you why.


MyLeasePlan is an app for fleet drivers

As a fleet driver myself, I've been a user since the app's inception. And while I was awaiting my new vehicle to be custom-built for me in the factory and shipped to the dealer near our office, I discovered I had a new-found obsession with MyLeasePlan. I was checking it multiple times a day to see if there was any change in delivery status. Kind of like when you post on Facebook and check back often to see how many likes you get. Yeah you. You know you've done that.

Well anyway, logging into MyLeasePlan to check the order status is easy to do, say on the elevator between meetings thanks to the thumbprint security. Once my new vehicle was assigned a VIN, I saw it in the app. And when the status suddenly changed to show the brand-new car had arrived at the courtesy delivery dealer, the app gave me all the information I needed to easily schedule an appointment to pick it up.

So yes, checking vehicle order status on demand is probably curtailing calls to our fleet manager to find out if they knew when I could expect it. But that’s not all this app is good for.

When I first log into MyLeasePlan, I land on the home page. Here I can see any immediate action required of me – and so will your drivers. So if one of your employees is behind on reporting personal miles for tax purposes, the app will alert them of missing mileage, and with a simple click, they can add it right in and even view their benefit amount. And after I left the dealer, I went in like the good fleet driver I am to report delivery of the new vehicle.

A tap on the hamburger menu reveals a whole list of other things I can do – like find in-network maintenance or low-cost fuel providers, check registration renewal requirements or call for help. I happen to know these links are custom for our LeasePlan drivers, which means you can include your own custom links or calls to action that best suit your fleet.


But wait there's more. This app can change your fleet.

While all of this is great for the driver, you're probably wondering what's in it for you, the fleet manager. Or maybe you're in procurement, HR or perhaps a C-level executive. Whichever department you hail from, MyLeasePlan has something to benefit you – and that something is OneScore.

Last year, LeasePlan introduced OneScore. We designed it to address three key areas of fleet – Safety, Efficiency and Compliance – with the goal to keep your costs down, create efficiencies and encourage safe driving practices.

As a driver, I am presented my OneScore, which tells me how I'm doing as a fleet driver. I can drill into each category to get the details of my score. And I can even check to see when my next oil change is due. Hey, did I mention I have a 100 for preventive maintenance, national account usage and all safety areas?

I'm in the green there, but not doing so well in the personal mileage department. As I drill into this area of OneScore, I can learn what I need to do to boost my score. And now I know enter my mileage in a timely manner to stay in compliance.

Needless to say, MyLeasePlan has made my life easier. In a world of instant gratification, it only makes sense to be able to connect with my fleet right from my mobile device. With information at the tip of my fingers, I have what I need to be a safer, more efficient driver who's following our fleet policy. And your drivers will too.

Whether they are obsessed with new car delivery like I was, or want to have the best driver score within your fleet, MyLeasePlan and OneScore can change behavior and change your fleet.

For more information, request a demo.




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