Most company car drivers probably judge the "goodness" of their driving by how many tickets they've received or how many crashes they've been involved in. But when you look under the hood, you realize there are a lot more criteria involved in being a good driver. Risk and safety are very important components but there are financial and compliance factors as well.

To that end, most drivers are simply performing their daily, weekly, monthly routine without a lot of thought into if they are doing the right things as a company car driver. But, if drivers had a way of knowing whether they were doing right and were educated on what to do to be better, would they change their ways? This was the genesis of OneScore, LeasePlan's driver scorecard.

As a company car driver myself, I know I need to get my oil changed. I may not fully understand that it can prevent bigger repairs down the road or even improve the resale value of my vehicle at the end of the lease, but I know I need to get my oil changed. As a driver, OneScore helps me better know when to get my oil changed and where to get my oil changed. The when is simple since most people are already programmed to get their oil changed every so many miles. But OneScore clearly tells me the optimal window to get my oil changed.

The where, however, can be trickier. Maybe I'm more about convenience and want to go to the place near my home or want the fast oil change that might cost a good bit more. It's not my money after all. Or maybe my brother-in-law owns a shop and that's where I prefer to go. But if I plan appropriately, I can get great service in a fair amount of time while saving my company money by going to a preferred National Account vendor.

The other way I can save my company money is by achieving a reasonable miles per gallon (MPG) from my vehicle. What's reasonable? Well OneScore compares my vehicle to others like it in the LeasePlan fleet so I have a benchmark. Then I can get to work on maintaining or improving that number.

Maybe I have a lead foot or accelerate too quickly at red lights. It's possible that I'm carrying around extra weight in my vehicle that is unnecessary and that is weighing down my results. At the end of the day, a little improvement goes a long way across a fleet of vehicles.

Let's move on to compliance. I was kind of a rebel when I was young. Tell me I have to do something and I'll never want to do it. I know that's silly and I'm way too old to feel that way anymore, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who had that streak in them.

But when it comes to my company car, I know what I have to do and I generally know why I have to do it, thanks again to OneScore. Whether it is recording my business and personal miles at the beginning of each month or submitting documents when it's time to have my registration renewed, I'm always reminded of what I need to do. I've never had this issue but, if LeasePlan is missing license plate information for my vehicle, I would be prompted to provide that as well. I understand that part of being a company car driver is fulfilling my obligations. And, as long as those obligations are clear, I'm happy to do so.

Finally, let's touch on the risk and safety portion. I should never be surprised by my motor vehicle record (MVR) or incident components of OneScore. They are the direct result of my actions. That being said, it never hurts to have a little reminder to hopefully prevent past mistakes in the future.

So after a close review of my OneScore – it's a 98 by the way – I would say I'm a pretty good driver. And I also know what I need to do to push that score to 100.

Want to learn more about OneScore? Click here. And check out next week's blog where we cover OneScore from the fleet manager perspective.

About the author
Kristofer Bush serves as vice president, product management for LeasePlan USA and has been with the organization for more than 19 years. He recently took on this new assignment with a focus on product management. His team is responsible for the development of products such as Safety, Connected Vehicles and client portal tools like the MyLeasePlan driver app. While he believes that he is an excellent driver, many of the tools that LeasePlan provides their clients' drivers have proven to him that he still has a lot of room for improvement.


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