When is comes to electric vehicles (EVs), it's difficult to wade through all the information. So, we compiled several different resources for you to start your research. Start learning about EVs now by downloading the files below. And please reach out to us, if you have any questions or would like to speak about integrating EVs into your fleet.

It’s electric: The future of EVs in America

With all the buzz around electric vehicles (EVs), where do you start to do your research? With our new eBook on EVs, of course! From the definition of an EV, to current and future supply, to "fuel efficiency" and zero emissions, to charging types and infrastructure, this eBook has it all. Start learning about EVs now by downloading the eBook.

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What EV Charging Means for your Employees

An expanding fueling network and more car models will make electric driving ubiquitous. Most people will drive to work in an EV, whether they're driving themselves or riding in an autonomous vehicle. Offices are getting ready to accommodate greater numbers of personal and fleet EVs with new charging spots that make it even easier to plug in everywhere. Download the eBook below to find out more from 10 years of insight from EV charging data.

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Fleets Lead the Charge to e-Mobility

Fleets are accelerating the shift to e-mobility. With cities, states and countries around the globe mandating reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, utility and government incentives are fueling the demand for electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. Read more about how fleets will play an integral part of the EV revolution.

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City of Atlanta: EV Readiness Workbook

Are you ready for EVs in your fleet? This workbook will help you determine that. The workbook covers topic such as: how to choose the appropriate charging station, indoor vs. outdoor charging, accessibility, installation considerations, permitting and more. While this workbook is specific to the City of Atlanta, it will give you a comprehensive overview of considerations for going electric. Download the workbook today to get started.

Download the Workbook


A U.S. Consumer’s Guide to Electric Vehicles

Electric cars offer consumers affordable, efficient and high-tech transportation. More models, including crossovers, minivans, hatchbacks and sedans, become available every year. Today, new-car buyers can choose from about 50 models. By 2022, about 90 electric vehicles are projected. Find out what’s available now and in the future through this guide.

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Fleet Electrification

FleetCarma, a Geotab Company, is a clean-tech information and technology company that has provided solutions to manage and accelerate the transition to electric vehicles (EVs), since 2007. They have a library dedicated to electric vehicle resources for Fleet Managers, so go check it out!

View the resource site


Will It Work: Electric Power, Proven

Need guidance through the electrification of your fleet? Companies like Georgia Power, a Southern Company, is here to help. Find out how you can evaluate your options through the company’s Will It Work program presentation. Or, you can get an overview of the program through this video.

Download the Presentation


Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

Not ready to commit to full-electric vehicles for your fleet? The plug-in hybrid (PHV) can be a good option. And a PHV can be a great option to curb any kind of range anxiety. Find out more about how a PHV works on Toyota’s website below.

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