When it comes to fuel fraud, you can help your company prevent it. Here are a few best practices for drivers, courtesy of WEX Fraud Services and LeasePlan, to get you started.

Keep PINs secure

Do not keep your card and PIN together or write the PIN on the card. It may compromise the security of the program. Avoid giving your PIN to anyone. When using your card, protect entry of the PIN from view and do not use the PIN, or a variation thereof, as the odometer reading entry.

Protect fuel cards during purchases

Do not allow the card out of your sight during a sales transaction. Also, do not sign blank receipts or receipts without dollar or date information. Before signing, verify that the information is correct. Keep your transaction receipts but never leave them accessible to others.

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Attend fraud awareness training

As a company vehicle driver, you have a responsibility to keep your fuel card and purchases secure and free from fraud. Attend fraud training classes that your company offers to arm yourself with information. Because, in these situations, knowledge is power.

Promptly report at-risk cards or PINs

If a PIN is compromised for any reason, cancel it immediately. If a card is lost or stolen, notify LeasePlan or your fleet management company. Make sure you specify whether it was lost or stolen.

Avoid questionable stations

When choosing a gas station, avoid sketchy-looking stations. Also, use pumps that are closest to the attendants. Those are less likely to have skimmers on them than street-side pumps.


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