Fuel fraud is a sad reality for any company operating a fleet. However, there are still some prevalent misconceptions about this topic.

Myth #1: It's the drivers committing most of the fuel fraud.

Fact: Believe it or not, the drivers are not committing the majority of the fraud. Fuel pump skimmers and compromised fuel payment machines are taking millions of dollars away from companies transporting goods every year.

Myth #2: Fuel fraud is an insignificant expense.

Fact: This is not true! In reality, curbing fuel fraud could be the equivalent of saving 5 percent on your fuel costs.

Myth #3: Curbing fuel fraud is expensive.

Fact: Taking care of fuel fraud could cost you next to nothing and even result in cost savings elsewhere in the business!

Here are some best practices for combatting fraud and protecting your fuel costs.

#1 – Protect your drivers' company fuel cards.

If your drivers use fuel cards issued by your company to pay for fuel, make sure that the cards are protected. Use a safe PIN for each card, not something that can be easily guessed, researched, or compromised via identity theft. Make drivers memorize the PIN and do not keep records of the PIN anywhere. And, once a driver leaves the company or a vehicle is put out of commission, cancel the fuel card assigned to it.

#2 – Educate your drivers.

Your drivers are the first point of contact for fuel fraud, and in most cases, it's them who are the victims. Make sure your drivers cannot be the victims by teaching them all about fuel fraud and what to detect. Teach them how to properly handle their fuel cards and teach them how to use them properly. Make sure they only use trusted gas stations and have them check for skimmers.

#3 – Keep track of fuel card activity.

Conduct frequent inventory checks and establish a card log system. Make sure every expense on the card is accounted for, including the amount and origin of the expense.

Download this tip sheet to check out more best practices and share with your drivers to keep your fleet safe from fuel fraud!


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