After visiting with the Toyota fleet team at the Camry Ride and Drive last month, I thought I would share the highlights for those of you who are planning your order cycle.

While they had a lot to share with us, I can sum it up for you in three topics – a redesign, more standard safety features and a brand-new model. So, here we go:

  1. Toyota completely overhauled and redesigned the Camry. For those of you thinking about changing up the sedan in your selector list, here's the skinny on what makes this their most popular fleet car.

First, Toyota gave the Camry a brand-new look, billing the star of the show as "Simply Irresistible". This is likely why I could not get Robert Palmer out of my head for the rest of the weekend. But anyway, the new body styling easily makes this the sportiest Camry they have ever made. In my opinion, they did a great job with this redesign compared to the older model.

As I drove the Camry around Dana Point in California, I could definitely pick up on its better handling and enhanced ride quality. I did find the new model to have a wider platform and lower overall height that improve aerodynamics and contribute to its sporty look.

The Camry also comes with an active safety package that includes pre-collision systems and pedestrian detection, along with dynamic radar cruise control, among other features.

  1. Speaking of safety features, I thought the second big highlight for Toyota's 2018 model year is this: Now, most new models feature a bundle of active safety features at no additional cost.

With the 2017MY, Toyota began to standardize their safety features with Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) in two packages, TSS-C and TSS-P.

The Yaris, Corolla iM, and Prius c all have TSS-C. The safety features include a low-speed pre-collision system to help watch for collision with vehicles ahead, providing alerts, additional or automatic breaking. It also comes with a lane departure alert to let you know if you start drifting from your lane. These models also come with automated high beam to automatically switch between high and low beams when it detects headlights and taillights of the other vehicles.

The high-speed pre-collision system, TSS-P, is standard on the Prius, Land Cruiser, Corolla, RAV4/HV, Prius Prime, Avalon/HV, Highlander/HV, C-HR, and the all-new Camry/HV. The TSS-P system includes automated high beams and a pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, lane departure alert with steering assist function to help keep you in your lane. This package also includes dynamic radar cruise control to enhance the ability to maintain a preset distance between you and the vehicle ahead.

  1. And for the third takeaway Toyota introduced a brand-new crossover – the C-HR (Coupe-High Rider). This is a smaller model, which could be a good fit if you're looking to upgrade from a sedan to entry level crossover.

Even though it is on the smaller end, the C-HR was surprisingly spacious and fun to drive. It was no wonder the line for this ride was long! I even got to experience the Brake Assist feature when another driver pulled out in front of me. This car did everything it could to let me know to hit the brake. Impressive!

  1. Okay, I'll sneak in a number 4. I also got to drive the Prius Prime. While inside the cab, it was hard not to notice the larger display screen at 11.6 inches. It was the size of a larger tablet. The screen and cool tech features pair up nicely with the 640 EPA-estimated driving range this plug-in hybrid offers. If you're exploring the electric vehicle or hybrid market, you may want to give this one a look.

So, that about sums up my Ride and Drive experience and the highlights for the 2018 model year. Click here to see more 2018MY lineup changes.

If we can help you in your vehicle selection, let me know!







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