Kris Bush talks to Fleet Management Weekly about the exciting challenges posed by his new role as vice president, product management, and the development of cutting-edge fleet products.


Kristofer Bush serves as vice president, product management for LeasePlan USA and has been with the organization for more than 19 years. He recently took on this new assignment with a focus on product management. His team is responsible for the development of products such as Safety, Connected Vehicles and client portal tools like the MyLeasePlan driver app. While he believes that he is an excellent driver, many of the tools that LeasePlan provides their clients’ drivers have proven to him that he still has a lot of room for improvement.

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When it comes to fuel fraud, you can help your company prevent it. Here are a few best practices for drivers, courtesy of WEX Fraud Services and LeasePlan, to get you started.

Keep PINs secure

Do not keep your card and PIN together or write the PIN on the card. It may compromise the security of the program. Avoid giving your PIN to anyone. When using your card, protect entry of the PIN from view and do not use the PIN, or a variation thereof, as the odometer reading entry.

Protect fuel cards during purchases

Do not allow the card out of your sight during a sales transaction. Also, do not sign blank receipts or receipts without dollar or date information. Before signing, verify that the information is correct. Keep your transaction receipts but never leave them accessible to others.

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Attend fraud awareness training

As a company vehicle driver, you have a responsibility to keep your fuel card and purchases secure and free from fraud. Attend fraud training classes that your company offers to arm yourself with information. Because, in these situations, knowledge is power.

Promptly report at-risk cards or PINs

If a PIN is compromised for any reason, cancel it immediately. If a card is lost or stolen, notify LeasePlan or your fleet management company. Make sure you specify whether it was lost or stolen.

Avoid questionable stations

When choosing a gas station, avoid sketchy-looking stations. Also, use pumps that are closest to the attendants. Those are less likely to have skimmers on them than street-side pumps.

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Welcome to the Product Rundown! Here you’ll find the latest updates and improvements we’ve been working on right here at LeasePlan. If you’d like to know more about any of the products or services you see here, feel free to reach out to your account manager to get started today.


Elle helps your drivers find national accounts

Did you know Elle, LeasePlan’s Virtual Assistant for Fleet Drivers, now has the ability to help drivers find national account service locations near them. They simply ask Elle, “Where can I get my vehicle serviced?” and Elle will retrieve the five closest national account locations.

Want to meet Elle? Click here to get started on a free demo of the MyLeasePlan app.

MyLeasePlan driver policy management

Did you know that you can store your driver policy in the MyLeasePlan driver app and require drivers to digitally acknowledge the policy? Forget the days of handwritten signatures or even email acknowledgements. And when you want to know if a driver has accepted their policy, you can find it easily in ePlan.

Storing your policy in MyLeasePlan is simple. Get started today!

Continuous MVR monitoring now available in Mississippi

If you have drivers in Mississippi, you’ll be happy to hear the magnolia state was added to the Continuous Motor Vehicle Reporting (MVR) program earlier this year. If you’re considering adding continuous monitoring to your risk management toolbox, this is just one less state you’ll have to check to be sure your drivers are in good standing. You’ll be automatically notified of any changes to their driving records as soon as they occur. Go Mississippi!

Continuous MVR can help decrease risk while improving the safety and security of your fleet. We’ve even tied MVR into our OneScore algorithm, so your drivers’ scores will be automatically impacted by any negative reporting in real time. Contact your account manager to enroll today.

Safety comes first in MyLeasePlan

The app currently restricts usage while driving and will be disabled once the driver’s speed hits 15 MPH. This helps to keep drivers focused on the road, traveling from point A to B safe and sound.

Do you have distracted drivers?

If so, you should consider enrolling them in LeasePlan’s most popular safety course, Driving While Distracted. Or better yet, enroll your drivers in a comprehensive risk management program like Virtual Risk Manager where drivers will be continually educated throughout the year on how to make safer driving decisions.

For access to Driving While Distracted, reach out to your account manager to enroll in our Driver Training program. Learn more about our risk management and safety solutions here.

Our very own John Ciarlone, director of product development, spoke today at the esteemed Ceres Conference in San Francisco. As part of a wider panel John discussed the continued environmental impact of the transportation sector and how advances in electric vehicle technology have sparked new interest from investors. This breakout session brought together influential companies to highlight the benefits of corporate electrification and how it is changing the future of our transportation system to get us to a clean energy economy. Stay tuned for a full event summary next week.

With the capabilities of connected vehicles growing exponentially, so does the amount of data available to us. In this video, Felipe Smolka, executive vice-president of transformation at LeasePlan USA, and Greg Buckland, CIO at LeasePlan USA, address the topic of Operational Efficiencies related to Big Data.


This session from AFLA’s conference on March 19 reveals the secrets to maximizing your data potential. Felipe and Greg discussed the issue of “getting dirty” with big data and how businesses can transform this information into strategic assets with the right approach. Numbers and spreadsheets fill our dashboards and inboxes every morning. But how many of those data points are fully utilized to provide the right insight into your fleet? Numbers mean nothing if not translated into actionable data that is available when you need it.

For access to the full video on AFLA’s website, please click here.

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